View Poll Results: How long have you had naturally curly hair?
Since birth (or a few weeks/months old) 38 60.32%
Between ages 2 and 5 5 7.94%
Since I was 6 1 1.59%
Between ages 7 and 13 12 19.05%
Other 7 11.11%
Voters: 63. You may not vote on this poll

Curly hair since the beginning

I was born with a straight full head of hair. Around 1 or so it started waving up.

natural since 6/05
I've had curly hair since I was 6 mo.
My hair got even curlier when I hit
puberty more like a 3c. When I was
pregnant with my daughter and son,
may hair changed again to a 3b/c
and it's been like that ever since.
3b/c CG routine
HG line DevaCurl
Password: Locks

I was born with barely wavy hair. It curled up by the age of 2. It's always been naturally 3b or 3b/c with different textures and curl patterns. I used to have even more volume when I was younger.
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- Eleanor Roosevelt (both quotes)

(taking a break from posting starting late august 2009)
I always thought my hair was a mess. It's ashame there was nothing like back then or I'd have had beautiful hair growing up! I'm looking at a pic of me right now (I have a wall of family pics behind my monitor) when I was about 3 and I had a pixie cut. My bangs are perfectly straight, but the rest of my hair is wavy as can be. When I think back on my hair in school, high school ... well, heck up until this last year after finding, I wish I could have those years back to go with what I had instead of fighting with my hair .

Society is embracing curls much more than in the past. Now if it would just embrace us fuller figure gals !
CG-modified since 4/05
2b/3a and 3b on occasion!
Products: The hair aisle in my own cabinets.
Best definition winner: KCCC
Best volume winner: LOOB
My hair was fairly straight (not stick straight) and non-frizzy until I hit 7th grade. It was fairly thick though. By the end of 7th grade my hair was still straight but really frizzy. Sometime during the summer, my hair became wavy. It's gotten even wavier and curlier since. When I had straight hair, I wanted curly hair. When my hair first became curly, I straightened it and thought that curly hair sucked. I hated my hair until I got it cut. My hairstylist told me to use a diffuser and gel to enhance my natural waves/curls. I love it! The first 17 years of my life were difficult because I had to endure both types of hair naturally and wished I had the other. But now I love my natural curls and wouldn't trade them in for anything.
3A/2C combination of ringlets and waves
I was born with a head full of black curly hair, that quickly went straight. It went curly again during puberty. (I voted 7-13)
I'm a 2something/3something. Started modified CG routine on 6/6/05
Cut more than ten inches from my BSL hair on 8-10-05 and growing it long again
But we're STILL adjusting.

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