Curly Families

How many of you have curly members of your family? Just curious. It'd be interesting to completely unscientifically see how hereditary being a curlyhead is!

My mom and 2 of my three sisters are curly but my dad is bone straight and my nearest sister has just the slightest wave to her hair. My oldest (curly) sister has a son and daughter--the son's hair is EXACTLY like mine and the daughter is straight as a pin!

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the only other curly in my family is my aunt on my dad's side. everyone else has straight or slightly wavey hair. everyone always wants to touch my hair lol
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everyone has straight hair in my family. I have the same color as my mom and younger brother and my sister has a wave to hers but no one has as crazy corkscrews like me.
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My dad's sister has the same hair as me, we inherited it from my grandfather. No-one else has it on either side of my family, they're either straight or vaguely wavy. I've passed it onto my youngest son.
My dad, me and my brother are very curly and black hair. My mom and 2 sisters are both straight blondies. All the curl has come from my dads side all his brothers and sisters are very curly and most of their kids are also curly. However, my poor moms side always wishes they had my hair.
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Practically everyone on both sides.

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My parents both have brown hair & brown eyes. Mom's is fine, thin and straight. Dad's is coarse, thick and wavy.

I wound up with blue eyes, blond, fine, thick and 3a curly.
My younger brother is a blue-eyed redhead, coarse, thick and 3b curly.

My mom swears we're not adopted. LOL

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My Dad is SUPER-wavy..of course, he doesn't have as much hair as he used to! Tee hee. Mom is curly, but straightens...Sis is more or less wavy but keeps it pretty short and straightens.

I'm the only blue-eyed, blonde, left-hander of the bunch!
Hair Type: 2B/3A hybrid, I believe. Had it short for about 5 years, and have since let it grow. Layers have brought out the curl...and I haven't gone 'straight' since!
My husband had gorgeous John F Kennedy Jr wavy hair(he's bald now),and I have curly hair,of course
Our three sons all have curls,too!
They are 15,18 and 21

I guess I got my curls from my dad
I have two brothers-one a curly and one a total straightie!
I think there night be a pic of my boys in my fotki album
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I have 2 sisters, I'm the oldest blue eyes-brunette , middle sis is a hazel eyed brunette curly (who never straightens), youngest sis is a hazel eyed brunette straighty( her son is a curly 3b) . Mom is a dark brunette straighty, dad is a curly but he brushes it straight back. My mother has one sister with curly hair...out of all 10 kids, crazy how that works huh?
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My dad, brother, son and 1 daughter have curly hair like me. My mom, sister, other brother, and other daughter have straight hair.
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Dad and his side are all pretty straight. Mom is a 3a curly, Her older brother started as a wavy, got curlier as he got older and is now a 3c. I seem to be following his path! Mom's younger sister has fine, thin, limp, pin straight hair. I'm the oldest of two, my sister has medium texture, blonde(my parents and I are all brunette) straight hair with great body to it. She can hap-hazzardly blow it dry, finger rake into place and good to go! No frizz! She wants my curl. lol My mom and I are trying to figure out where mine and my uncle's tighter curls come from. Her mom was a wavy, her dad a straighty. All her grandparents were straight or slightly wavy. My daughter has loose waves llike I used to. My older son has verrry straight, thick, coarse hair. My youngest son probably has curl like mine or a little curlier, I keep both their hair really short, but when it gets a little longer his starts to wave and wingding and tries to curl.
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My mom, brother and sister all have curlier hair than I do (mom's is loosening with age, sis has taken to straightening most of the time), my dad from what I can see in pictures had fairly straight/borderline wavy hair. Now, DH is poker straight, and my 2 girls started out as definite straighties, but I see some waves fighting to get out on my 5 yr old's long hair, and the bottom of the length on my 2 yr old's is starting to flip and curl *fingers crossed*
Dad and brother are pin-straight ... Mom is a wavy ... sister WAS a wavy before she had my niece, now she's pin-straight too (which is funny, because my hair didn't change a bit when I had my daughter). I have a couple of cousins with curly hair, but no one is as curly as me. Most of my extended family runs to wavy if they have any type of curl pattern at all.
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My mom is a curly. My dad is a straightie. My brother and I are both curlies.

My mom's side is a mixed bag of wavies, straighties and curlies. My dad's side is mainly straighties. The only time I can remember anyone in his family having curly hair was when my uncle had a Jheri Curl in the early 90's.

My brother's wife is a straightie. Their son is a wavy and their daughter is a curly.
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My dad has kinky curly hair, both my brother and I have curly hair, my mom's is stick straight. My dad's nearest brother also has curly hair, and one of his daughters and his son both have curly hair. I don't really know which of my grandparents (my dad's parents) had the curly hair, my grandpa was half Cherokee Indian and my grandma was Irish and English. So who knows!
My mother and my little sister (who texlaxes). Other 3 sisters are wavies with coarse hair that they relax. My dad's got the kink.
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Let see. As far as I know, my great grandma, my grandma, 12+ aunts, my mom, my brother and sister, and both my kids. You don't even want me to go into cousins. Prolly more that I don't know of I got a big family.No clue about paternal side

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