Hi, I'm new here. I'm hoping that someone can help me with my hair.

I started the CG routine in August, and my hair looked fabulous - no frizz, perfectly defined spirals, and my highlights shone through perfectly. Then for some crazy reason, I wanted shorter hair. Instead of my usual salon, I went to supercuts and, well . . . ouch. When I got home, it poofed and frizzed and looked terrible. I managed to get semi-decent curls, and then last week I went to get my highlights redone. My stylist got a little too snip happy and now my hair has a very loose wave and poofs as it dries. I really want my old, fabulous curls back, but don't know what to do. What methods work? Scrunching? Clipping? Plopping? How do I use my gel? If anyone can help me, I'd be really happy, and worship you forever.

I use Herbal Esscences conditioner and gel, and my hair currently is 3 inches past my shoulders (it grows super fast).