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wild_sasparilla 12-26-2007 10:35 PM

Manic Panic or similar?
Has anyone tried the Manic Panic dye hard temporary hair color gels, or any other type of temporary hair color? Feel free to suggest a good one! I'm a dark brunette and I've been wanting to try some crazy colors that are natural on butterflies :wink: but damaging bleach and dyes just aren't going to touch my curls - besides, I don't want to make even a one-month commitment to a bright blue streak. A lot of temporary hair colors apparently only work for light hair, or flake off and stuff...anyone have recs? Also, if the dye hard gels or anything works well, where can I get it, preferrably IRL?

It's not exactly a curly hair product, but it looks fun!:toothy7:

Thank you very much!!

curlynyrican 12-26-2007 10:54 PM

I used Manic Panic back in college cherry red and purple. If your hair is dark you will need to bleach it in order for the bright colors to show up. I've also used kool-aid, but again if you want the color to show you will need to bleach your hair first. IF your going to bleach your hair I would recommend getting it professionally done. I didn't and I did some serious damage!

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