Hi everyone, been off for a while...

Hello my fellow curlies!

I haven't been posting for ages, my hair has been so bad bad bad, I'm afraid I've had nothing nice to say about my "curls" (curls, yeh right) so haven't said anything at all!! Then this new board layout kind of threw me so I just lurked for a bit.

SO anyway, hair is significantly thinner now after all my shedding, and looks bedraggled and stringy, curls less, more like s waves now, and feels coarse and wiry, and is EXTREMELY dry. To be honest, I look a scruff. I am ashamed of my hair now and feel like my friends and colleagues must think I have "let myself go", because my hair looks messy, not curly.

I've decided there is very little I can do about the shedding. No answers from the doc, except that I am generally "run down" (thanks Doc, real helpful).

Can anyone advise on a real boost to my hair health? It is genuinely in the worst shape it has ever been in, and I am close to cutting it all off. I would hate to do that, but I am fed up looking as though I don't look after myself.

Please help, this is haveing devastating effects on my self esteem and general mood and disposition

Much love

Lizz xx
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So sorry you are going through this! {{HUGS!}} I don't really have any helpful suggestions, I'm afraid. Have you tried vitamins - Biotin? or maybe protein/moisturizing DTs? I'm sure you've probably tried all you can, but I don't know what else to suggest, especially if you've already gone to the doc. Hope it gets better for you soon.
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Hi Liz,
I'm sorry you are going through hair crisis, I understand completely and was also going to suggest vitamins....something I've been meaning to do too because my hair's a mess right now too. Post partum stuff, mostly. Has your diet changed? Change in lifestyle? More stress?
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Hi Liz ... sorry to hear you're having trouble. I went on this drastic diet a few years ago and lost a lot of weight and even more hair. What was left was so dry, frizzy and brittle I couldn't do anything with it.

I took a good multi vitamin and a B complex (timed release) on top of it. I also took flax seed supplements and Essential Fatty Acid supplements. I think that the EFA's and flax seed likely helped the most. The B vitamins should also help with your stress.

I would do a lot of D.T.'s. When my hair was at its worst, I went a couple of weeks that I put a D.T. in my hair as soon as I got home from work. I left it on at least 30 minutes.

If your ends are really split, a trim may help. In time your hair will bounce back. It took my hair about 6 months, but I had lost a lot of it. I went from having a ton of hair to having a receding hair line. Don't give up and be gentle with yourself. Your hair will come back for you.
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