Just ordered the Jessicurl Trialpack-could it help with scalp issues?

I've posted earlier, but I am a former board member from like 2001--2003. Since then my hair has changed, and so has my scalp. I am now about a 2a/b, hair isn't very dry--feels silky, doesn't hold wave very well and gets stringy. But my biggest issue is my scalp--it is super itchy, oily and when I touch it I feel these little grains--like sand (sebum plugs, I assume?). It is really gross--sorry if tmi.
Anyway, I am wondering if the CG routine with Jessicurl's shampoo once in a while could cure the scalp. It is very scary to give up silicones, though, because I have so much frizz. I already own Recoil and HE SMU gel--what are some other CG approved styling products?

thanks so much, ladies!!!
Well, pinkpoodle, this is a difficult question to answer because it walks that line between a possible medical condition and a cosmetic one. I'm definitely not qualified to address the first and marginally qualified to answer the second, but first I would probably see a doctor to make sure what you're experiencing isn't something that needs treatment separate from your hair. If you've already done that or don't feel like you need to, you might try Jessicurl Hair Cleansing Cream -- I hear a lot of people like it -- or write to Jess directly and ask her what she might advise (she's great about answering people's inquiries).

Personally, whenever my scalp feels less than stellar, I combine some brown sugar with conditioner and do a little scrub. I don't know whether this will be right for you, though, since it isn't clear what that gritty stuff is that you're feeling on your scalp.

Hopefully, some other curlies will have good ideas for you! (So many smart people here!)
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Hi There Pink Poodle - Welcome Back

I'd be tempted to do a clarifying shampoo, ACV or lemon rinse before I did anything.

I found the strictly CG routine too hard to follow, but the co-washing, avoiding sulfates silicones have made a tremendous difference in my hair.

I understand your fear about giving up the silicones. The only products I achieved any consistency with were ones that contained silicones. I found that co-washing and a good leave-in conditioner made a huge difference. My hair is less prone to frizziness. On days when I am concerned about frizz, I use either Jessicurl's Rockin Ringlets (RR) under my products, or Curl Keeper (CK).

I really like Jessicurl's line. Seeing as you have her sample kit, here is the routine I use with her products:
Sometimes I use the Hair Cleansing Cream (HCC) and Too Shea or
Co-Wash with Too Shea (T.S.)
I use the Weekly Deep Treatment (WDT) as a leave in .. I also used Aloeba, but I like the WDT better. There are less oils and my hair seems to like it better.
I use RR by applying it with my hair tipped over, comb it through and then tip my head up, apply and comb it through.
I tip my head back and use Confident Coils Styling Solution (CCSS) and apply it the same way as above.
I crunch it with a Microfibre towel and then diffuse dry using the pixie method (there are some threads on this the pixie method now if you're not sure what it is).

Anytime my scalp feels gross, I clarify using a shampoo. I like the Elucence Clarifying Shampoo the best.

Good luck HTH
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Too many favourite products to list ... I finally have my routine that works and alot of products to choose from. My product stash is huge, but well loved !!!
Thanks, guys! Doctor said there was no medical problem, so I'l give the no sulfite thing a try!
Thanks again!!!

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