Any reviews on these MHC products?

happy new year to everyone.

I just tried searching for some reviews on the MyHoneyChild products and there didn't seem to be that many results but was interested to know if anyone has used and liked the honey hair mask, and either the honeynutt or banana creme cleansers?

it's a line I've been eyeing up for a while but the lack of reviews has put me off.

thanks in advance
Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c
I don't know, but banana-scented anything sounds great!
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I have the HoneyNutt conditioner and it's nice. It's got a heavy honey content, so it was gross as a leave-in for me, but it has a nice scent and moisturizes plenty. I like Oyin better, though.
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I like the HoneyNutt condish too. I rinse all of it out too. The only problem is the bottle is sooo small, I want more!!

I did try the Banana condish, it was just OK, I like the HoneyNutt much better!

It does smell really yummy and clean!
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Thanks for the replies, so the Honeynutt conditioner is good, what about the cleansers?
I think I'm going to try the conditioner first and maybe go back and see about the cleansers rather than getting them both ( just in case they don't work out for me)

I don't understand why there aren't a lot of reviews on these products
Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c

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