LOOB freakishly drying?

I tried LOOB for the first time yesterday and my hair seemed a tad dry this morning. I used it again today and got a few spots of flash drying within minutes. My hair now feels like straw. I read a few other posts about it being drying but is it possible for my hair to react so strongly after only a couple of applications? I used it with Shea moisture and BE gel. (both of which I have used numerous times.)
I've never had it actually dry my hair, like a towel or blow dryer would.

ETA: But it did make my hair feel brittle-dry, like the rubbing alcohol in hair spray or gel type of dry.

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Some of my hair had nice curls (that later frizzed) but the other parts looked frizzy/dry and felt like straw within about 10 mins of stepping out of the shower. It was just strange.
I may give it one more shot tomorrow morning and see if I get any better results incase if was just a freak thing. Couldn't tell if the dry spots were the ones with LOOB or the ones I might have missed.

My PJ is actually getting tired of trying new products.

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I have had it react freaky in my hair also. It is like dry in no time and it did seem to dry my hair out. I got good curl and volume though when I used it. It sort of sudzz like to when I put it in I dont know it was just strange. I cant remember if I used a leave in though so I was thinking about trying it again. It has been over a month since I used it last
Its coating on my hair felt exactly as you described. When I changed routines (after a couple or three tries), my hair felt soft again, suggesting the coating felt strawlike more than it actually drying my hair. However, I could have rebounded quickly because I used it so briefly.

You are not alone...that's how it was for me too.
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loob was prety wretched on my hair too. i never saw any of the clumping i read so many things about - if anything it just gave me bad stringy looked-like-gel-coated early 90's hair. which also felt like straw. hooray.
It used to dry my hair out as well, I eventually decided (correctly or not, but whatever) that it was the hydrogenated castor oil. I had another product that had castor oil that did the exact thing to my hair.
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loob was prety wretched on my hair too. i never saw any of the clumping i read so many things about - if anything it just gave me bad stringy looked-like-gel-coated early 90's hair. which also felt like straw. hooray.
Originally Posted by emmÍler
I never had any clumping either and I wanted to very badly. It never worked well for me - I threw it away and that's big for me - I will hang on to products forever.
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At least you did get rid of it & later remember what happened to it, xcptnl! I couldn't tell you if I threw it away or gave it away.
I did get nice clumping from it but my hair would always feel dry and coarse whenever I used it. It also looked it.
I think I threw mine out too.
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I think this works better for the silkier haired curlies. And I'm more cottony so it's drying on me, too. If I use it at all, I use it as a gel, for hold over a creamy product. The smell is pretty obnoxious, too, so I won't be buying it again.

My third try with LOOB sealed its fate for the reject shelf. Icky frizzy scarecrow straw hair again. I am disappointed as I was so excited to see it in a store after reading some people's reviews. Guess it is a trial and error process.

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