A Slight Problem

I have a slight hair delema. I've worn pony tails for so many years, I can't seem to break the habit, and it was always the 'high and tight' ponytails with not a strand loose. Now, even if I pull my hair back for a half hour to do dishes or tidy up, my scalp get really tender. The other problem is, the roots have gained a flatness to it, ponytail or not. I've tried nearly every method I know of to get it unflat, since it wasn't always like that, but I swear its because I keep putting it in ponys.

Does anyone have any advice on how to break my ponytail habit, since I want to wear my hair down more often, but can't seem to keep it down. Any suggestions about tender scalp and flat roots as well? All help is appreciated!

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You could wear scarves to keep your hair out of your face. Or you could wear loose ponytails and buns made with fabric scrunchies or loose elastics.

hmmmm, I don't think ponytails have made your roots flat, but I could be wrong. When my roots are unusually flat (because they're always somewhat flat), I'll fluff them up with my fingers several times throughout the day. Devaclips and upsidedown scrunching/diffusing can help with the flatness.

Try starting with half ponytails, or wearing your hair down, then putting it in a low ponytail, when you get irritated, but loosely.
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I read that if you spritz your scalp with water helps with scalp tenderness caused by updos.

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