I think I may have finally had it with...

Volumizing products.

Texturizing products.

Thickening products.

All seem to leave my hair feeling & looking like waxy roughed up rope/yarn!!! Dull... dry... YUCK!

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Maybe you've finally had it with products (in general).

If so, join the club.
Why do you say that? I like my curl cream & gel still.
I think she just meant that maybe you were on the no product trend.

Thats how mine started too. First certain products felt dry and tacky, after a while I was totally aware of ANY product in my hair.

Now I can't use a darn thing or I end up having to run to the sink and rinse it out.
No styler has been tried. It's OK when I use enough leave-in so my hair doesn't go brushed yarn or cotton candy on me, & when I'm not going anywhere special. But unfortunately I cannot ever get the same clumping, curls & shine without a styler.

I do feel all stylers in my hair after 3 - 5 days of scrunching water in to reactivate the product or doing a quick rinse & adding new product. Then I feel like I have to shampoo, like there's a waxy or rubbery buildup. I end up giving my hair a break the rest of the time.

Up until part of the 90s I was a no product at all gal. I don't think I even had rinse-out conditioner. I think it was a once to twice a week shampoo & air or blow dry.

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