plopping is making my head a massive cowlick

I started modified CG in July 2007, then went fully CG in late November. I have come through the greasies and recovered. I finally understood water washing after reading someone's post earlier this week and am now experimenting with that. But since August, all my hair goes forward! All my hair comes out of their follicles and go straight forward. If I cut all my hair off, I would look like my husband! AAAhhh. I have done some searching on this website, but have not found any answers to how to avoid this. Do I need to give up plopping?
Have you tried clipping?
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Yep. I am somewhere between 2a and 2b, so flat for the first two inches or so with an occasional wave higher up. I have tried L. Massey's way of clipping and some other methods I saw posted here. It gives me height, but looks really silly! I usually end up pulling it back. I do clip the top, just above my bangs to give the front height. I might not be bending forward enough when I plop, so I have been performing contortions bending over to get my head more straight down to no effect but straight ahead roots. I like the effect of plopping, I can coax out more waves and curls and my hair dries a little faster. When I "unplop" I use my fingers to try to bring the straight forward hair back, but that messes up the curl pattern. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! I have learned so much from this website!
I had to stop plopping as my hair got weird too. It kinda got stuck in the plop and my hair is fine and not enough weight to fall back down. I did plopping for about 3 months or so and thought it was just the way it was but now that I just scrunch with my tshirt I get much better hair. Then I clip after I have scrunched and then diffuse a bit and I manage to get some lift on the top that way. Good luck!
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