the hair dresser totally messed up my hair

i went to the hair dresser yesterday , she did some highlights and low light on my hair , ,
then she asked how i want my hair cut ,
i told he i want some more volume at the crown , but i don't want hair cut to short , just a little bit ,
we washed my hair , and while it was still wet she cut it ,
i told her she can not go too short cause my ringlets are very tight , and the hair person said oh i will not go too short and no hair will shrink more then 4 inch ,,

what can i say , i started crying at the salon and continued till i was in bed , and after i got up 15 min. ago i cry while i sit here ,
i don't know what to do ,
i feel like she did cut my personality of , i look so stupid ,
i feel so ashamed i don't know what to do know ,,
it will take me 5 years to grow my hair back

this is me before i went to the hairdresser ,
now on my crown my hair is 8 inch long straight , when i have a curl in it it will be half as long , i am so horrified i ,
i just want to cry , its like she cut my beauty of ..
i don't know what i can do now , i feel so bad
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I am so sorry you had this experience. {{HUGGS!}} Have you tried redoing it and styling it yourself yet to see how it looks? Maybe it won't be as bad as you think once you do it yourself and get used to the new length. I know you don't want to hear this right now, but it will grow back. Hang in there! - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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So sorry for the bad experience. I just hate it when hair stylists think they know what they're doing and they don't! That just makes me so mad. I wouldn't let her touch it anymore but I'd go in and just show her what you were talking about - how it shrinks up. And how unhappy you are. What did she do when she saw you crying there??

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she said it looks nice and i look like a lion woman ,
and in 2 weeks i would love my haircut...
i should just waer it big like the models on the runway ,
this is how it looks look close to straight , so when my curls shrink it will be only some pigtails hanging of my head on top ,
she wants to thin my hair out too on top to blend the hair in ,
so they will be even more shorter ,
this is a nightmare ...

the shortest hair all the way on top is 4 inch ,,

so so bad
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Try styling your hair the way you usually would and if you are still upset either go into the salon or call and complain to the manager. If you were crying in the salon then the stylist should have done something more than comfort you by saying you looked like a lion woman. At least they should refund your money or provide a service to help correct their mistake. I hate it when hairdressers won't listen then mess up hair.

I am sorry this happened you to. It is very traumatic when hairdressers mess up hair. I have decided not to return to one until I absolutely have to after my last experience. Good luck.
I can't believe she cut it that short. What the hell was she thinking.
she is the manager its her salon , so
i don't know what to do ,
even my daughter (6) , she saw me , she was like mom you look
That makes it more difficult but not impossible to complain above her if you are not satisfied with her response. If the salon is a chain then call one of the other locations and state your concerns. Salons usually have district managers. Maybe try calling her first and go with the "nice but disappointed approach". Tell her that you are not satisfied with her haircut and thought you had clearly explained to her not to cut your as short as she did. Ask her what she can do for you as you are very upset with the outcome.
it is not a chain ,its her own salon , that does not make thinks easy,
I'm so sorry this happened to you. The only thing I can think to suggest would be to deep treat you hair a few times. All that coloring dries it out, if you put some heavy conditioner in it and sleep with it over night or just wait a few hours before you rinse it, it should help bring more of the curl back. I just had this same issue after getting highlights, it's now about 4 weeks later and my hair looks like mine again.

There isn't anything you can do about the length but maybe take hair vitamins to help the growing process along faster.
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My heart is crying for you! I am so sorry! I wish I could say something to make it better for you.

Here is my advice:

Style it yourself right now.

After it's dry, go to the salon and show her what happened so she can learn what a fool she was to cut so much off! Remind her how clear you were in your instructions! Say everything you need to say. Grrr!

See if you can get all of your money back or something.

If you have any curly friends in the area, personally warn them of this salon.

Then..... it's not easy...but, as soon as your are ready, move on. Let it go. Do not beat yourself up with anger and grief. You did everything in your power and it's over. Try not to torture yourself but running it through your mind over and over again. Make yourself think of other things and stay away from the mirror. Don't talk about it again. When you are walking around try to imagine your hair is lovely. Don't allow your mind to make you re-live this catastrophe over and over again. Be kind to yourself and distract yourself.

Again, I am so sorry.

Linda From Illinois
PS What state are you in so I know if I have to be aware of this salon!
thank you for your words...

she will come by my house tomorrow , to take a look at it ,

i guess i have to get some weave put in , i can not life like that
it will cost me even more money now ,
{{hugs}} I'm so sorry you had a bad experience. ITA she chopped you against your instructions--looks like she took you from armpit to top of the shoulders, that's like 6 inches! Can you post a clearer photo? I can see the length but I would like to see the shape more clearly if possible.

Agree with everything Agoldenlover said. I wouldn't let her touch my hair again, frankly. And I wouldn't have her in my house.
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I'm so sorry!

Although, as important as it gets to us, it does help to remember that it's just hair, and it will grow back. In any case, you're lovely no matter how your hair looks! It'll be back before you know it.
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I wouldn't let her touch my hair again, frankly. And I wouldn't have her in my house.
Originally Posted by Suburbanbushbabe™
I totally agree. She most definitely would not be touching my hair again! I would just try to get my money back and at the very least move on to searching for another stylist who listens to what YOU want and then does it! - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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If I'm Going To Have A Bad Hair Day, It Might As Well Be In Aruba!

Aww...I can totally sympathize with you! I definitely know how much it sucks. Last March the same thing happened to me and I cried for days. And it hasn't been easy growing it out again.

But I agree with above posters. I wouldn't let her near your hair again. And if you do and she screws up again, you shouldn't have to pay her.

I wish I could say something more comforting other than your not alone.
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I am so sorry you had such a bad experience. This pisses me off more than just about anything, when stylists don't listen to clients. I promise you we aren't ALL like that.

I personally wouldn't let her touch me again. If it's her salon and there isn't anyone else higher up to complain to, then she needs to give you your money back. If she doesn't want to do that, then tell her you are going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and have it go on her business record if she doesn't. Why should you pay for something that has you so completely upset?

{{{Hugs}}} to you.
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update ,

so how it all started ,i have to say it was the first time i have even met the woman ...

first time i have been there to get highlights it took a pretty long time since i had long hair , when i got there she told me all happy that she will go to a hockey game with her husband ,
and as it took longer and i felt bad for her because she was so exited to go with her husband to the game i told her the other half of my head we can can do after the weekend ,
just because i felt bad for her so i wanted to be nice , i paid
even for the extra color she used i paid and even gave her a 15 dollar tip ,
and the next time in a couple of days she would finish it ,

so i called after the weekend and made a new appointment ,
so we finished the color , and then she asked me how i want my hair to be cut ,
she said how about 2,5 inch , and i said no thats to short i rather have only about 0,5 inch ,
and i told her that i want a little bit more volume on the crown of my head , she washed the color of , so my hair was wet , i told her that i have ringlets when i have my hair done , to keep that in mind
then she did what she did , she grab a bunch of hair ,
and just cut then , she did this 4 time she started in the back of my hair ,
in between i told her to stop to tell her , i part my hair on the side to leave there more hair , and she said no because i would have a crooked hair cut ,
i started crying when i saw what she done to my hair ,
i have never asked her to cut my sides short , and thats what they are now , damn short , oh my god my stomach is so sick right now writing this ,,
then she wanted to thin out the hair on the crown and on the sides even more to blend them in ,
i mean my hair was already short , i did not have the cut to heave less hair ,
so i told her i have to think it over , cause my hair is already messed up ,
and i was crying and all she talked about how much money she did spend to learn this haircut , and in 2 weeks i would love it , and how much her scissors cost ,
i can not believe this ,
so i told her to come by Sunday to try to fix it ,
and i said i will show her pictures of how my hair looks when its done ,

so after i left i felt bad because she saw me crying , and because she should have seen that she did something wrong ,
so me dump punk i felt sorry for HER and i did not wanted her to go to bed at night to think that i hate her ,so i called her like a hour later and told her , that she don't have to worry that i hate her so she will not make herself to much of a bad time till we see on Sunday ,
ooooooh i must say i have been to nice to her , cause she should have been the one to call me how i feel and worry about my feelings plus her Currier,,
i thought she must have a good heart since she always told me how social she is , good lord i am so dump

so she came by today , and i did show her by pictures ,
and i asked her , what she think she had done to actually improve my hair look ,
there she good already upset ,
and i told her , you know i have been crying since i left your salon ,
there was no talking to her , she said then i did tell her back then that i don't want my layers no more ,
what tha heck , i have never even said that , my understanding is that if i want some more volume on the crown on my head that you actually have to cut it a bit in layers , but dont chop my hair of on the sides .. or am i wrong , i trusted her for being the hairdresser to know the best ... and that is what i get ,
i look like billy ray back in the 80"s ,

so and know instead of being nice to my ,
what i forgot to say is she talks of her self like a very social person donating hair cuts for women in homes and single moms ,

but whit me , no chance , even she messed up my hair ,

the end was she yelled at me , in my own house in front of my husband and kids and yelling she gave up on her Sunday for me and there is no talking to me , then she run out the door and slammed it .........

not one time she said she is sorry , that is so sad
she thinks she is the **** , but the truth is she is nothing but ****!!!!!

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Good grief! I would definately go with StruttsWife's suggestion and report her - that is not only bad work practice, it's beyond rude. You poor thing, sending hugs.

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