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There is a Christo article talking about how to get Melina Kankaredes' look. Does anyone know, does she actually use the Curlisto products, or is that just how they think you could get her look using their products?
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I saw that too! Love her!
Now I want to get these durn products after using Kenra forevah...
I will not turn into a product junkie...

I was even at the CurlMart area and was searching around...I've nevah done
Dangit, Wile, you were supposed to have an answer for me!
WileE, I don't think I've ever seen you post on the Hair board!

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Y'all are too funny! has happened, but I don't remember the last time!
Poodle...I think Melina uses Phyto...somethingoranother...
I think it's just a plug for their products
I know there have been articles about what Melina uses, but, of course, I can't find them right now! argh
I was thinking the same thing when I saw the article. The feeling I got when I read it was that it was Curlisto saying how you could achieve that look with his products. I don't like things that are written that way ... I find them misleading.

It is the same way with the curly cocktails. When I look at the product reviews, I don't see a lot of rave reviews about Curlisto products ... yet they were used to create the curly cocktails?

Maybe it is my cynic speaking
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