Re:coil causing breakouts?

Winter has come, and I've begun using my beloved re:coil.
Lately I've been breaking out around the edges of my face. Originally I thought it was because of a new cell phone I got- I'm constantly touching it than putting it on to my face.
However, I clean my phone regularly and the breakouts still have not stopped.
Then today I was reading a magazine and it brought to my attention that sleeping with producty hair could be detrimental to your complexion- especially products with oils in them.
has anyone had this problem with re:coil, or is there something else causing my breakouts?

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I've never used re:coil but I had to stop using the Ojon treatment. It made my face, shoulders, back and chest break out badly. I actually had to take benadryl for a couple of days to get the bumps to go away. So I wouldn't be surprised if you are having a reaction.
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Yes it can. I can't use Biolage. If you clean around your hairline very carefully after using it..maybe a cotton ball to swipe around it after styling, then you should be good. I learned that if I just made sure that certain products were not on my skin after using them on my hair, I could use then. It was only if they affect my scalp that I wouldnt' do it.
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While I've never had this problem with Re:coil, I have had it with other products.

Sometimes it's as simple as cleaning the hairline after application, but more commonly it's just going to make me breakout no matter how careful I am and I wind up having to stop using it.
You also might want to try wrapping your hair in a scarf at night to keep any oils in it from getting onto your pillowcase and ending up on your face. This is what I do, along with frequent pillowcase changes and it seems to help.
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I haven't used re:coil very much, so I can't be sure that this was do to the re:coil and not other things. However, the three times that I have used re:coil and left it in over night I have had acne breakouts. I've never had that problem with other products. Just food for thought.

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