Just ordered this flat iron for 450.00!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyone ever use this? A friend of mine ordered it 3 months ago, and it has done wonders for her hair. It isn't fried in the least bit, in fact, it looks and feels healthier.
Are you freakin' crazy? $450?
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Back in the days when I did straighten my hair, I splurged and spent about $65 on a very nice straightener. It worked wonderfully and I even had three friends who would borrow it when they needed their hair to look really good. $450 is a month's worth of rent for me--I could never spend that much on my hair. If that's what you want to do though, I hope it works as well as you're hoping!
i know those flat irons can "prevent" damage because they get so hot you only have to go over the hair once...

however, the hair would have to get ruined eventually -

straightening also hides damaged hair - so it's harder to find breakage, split ends, etc.

the reason these flat irons are so much $ is because they are professional - they are meant to be used a lot of clients and to get very hot - the average user does not need a professional straightener.

you'd be better to go to ulta's or sally's and buy one for under $100. they have some very nice ones in the $40 - $100 range. you will need to spend more if you hair is hard to straighten - and by that I mean a very tight tight curl.
I just canceled that order. I was just extremely emotional (hormonal) about my hair last night. My hair looked terrible and my mom wanted me to "do something" with my hair before going out in public together. It just got the best of me last night.

I'm just happy that I didn't take a pair of scissors and cut it all off!!!
This one seems more reasonable http://www.fhiusa.com/fhitecestir1.html and it seems to be perfect for curly hair.
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I have a CHI flat iron for when I straighten and it hasnt messed my hair up. It get's really hot so I dont have to go over the same spot several times. It is ceramic, so it doesnt do a lot of damage. It's a really nice iron. I paid $120 for mine.
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I have a CHI flat iron for when I straighten and it hasnt messed my hair up. It get's really hot so I dont have to go over the same spot several times. It is ceramic, so it doesnt do a lot of damage. It's a really nice iron. I paid $120 for mine.
Originally Posted by sessac81
Yup, I've got the regular 1" CHI and I love, love, LOVE it!! Sure it's pricey (well, not compared to the $450 one ), but there is a huge difference between the CHI and a Revlon one I had from Target. I think the CHI was worth every penny.
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I've tried what seems like everything under the sun over the past few years. i've gone from a $20 conair to the $150 rusk i bought today. My favorite though, is a Hot Tools straightener that i got from Sally's for about $50. It was AMAZING, and lasted over a year, until i made the mistake of tightly wrapping the cord. then i couldnt find another . I DO NOT reccomend the cricket tourmaline, the coating on the ceramic plates chips easily and causes it to heat unevenly. the thing was $90.

Sometimes, the best are the cheaper ones. that Hot Tools one was just amazing. I miss it..
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If I had an extra $450 to spend on something it sure wouldn't be a flat iron!

I have a HAI one that used to use before CG that was great. I paid about $80 and thought that was bad.

It's definately worth it to buy a good one, but for $450 it would have to clean my house.
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I had an FHI and didn't care for it at all. My SO got it for me (and returned it for me LOL) so I don't know how much it cost. But I prefer my Tourmaline iron.
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