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lol @ stalagtites & unruly hair...
I want the shirt Lorraine was wearing!
My main concern is how it attaches to different dryers...wonder if it falls off all the time. those who have purchased it please report back!

Update: a few hours after posting this message I broke down & bought one so looks like i'll be reporting the results back to this thread!
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She is on HSN right now....demonstrating her DevaFuser
Originally Posted by cjc
Crap, I missed it. Ok, do you know when she will be back on?
Originally Posted by JerseyCurl
You can buy it online. You can watch the video of her demonstrating it at the links provided above. HTH!
Originally Posted by Violeta77
Yes, I know that I watched the video but I like seeing these demos live so that I can call in. So, if anybody knows when and if she will be back on please share, thanks.
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I got a DevaFuser and sent it back. I posted pics of the diffuser/adapters and of the results using the diffuser in another thread on this general board.

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I was excited about this and really thought about getting one. Then noticed it was made in China.
I don't want anything made from there.
So, I haven't been buying too much of anything lately
And tonight I got that Chinese sandal email. It reminded me again why I don't want to buy stuff with the "Made in China" sticker on it. Bummer.
LOL, I thought the same thing when I saw "made in China." It's just an empty plastic diffuser though, it doesn't have any wiring. The Set It Free is made in USA!

Saved by the label and by Brio's post. SIF didn't work so well for me, so I wouldn't have used that anyway.
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I thought her curls looked rock-hard. Or else too product-laden to move much. I dunno.
Originally Posted by mysteryflavored
I kind of agree. Am I the only person out there who isn't enamored of LM's hair? It just always seems a little fake looking to me.
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I missed it. Im going to try to find it on youtube.
Well.. I'm ticked. After watching the video and hearing Lorraine tell us all that this defuser fits ANY hairdryer.. I took the plunge. Well.. guess what? It DOESN'T fit ANY hairdryer... in fact..it doesn't fit the THREE dryers I have!
I've never returned anything to HSN.. what is the procedure? Will I get my entire payment back, including the 5 bucks for shipping?


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I am so angry. On HSN, Lorraine Massey & host were saying how the diffuser fits on ANY hair dryer. I just rec'd mine in the mail and NO, it does NOT fit on my hair dryer, even using the adapters that come with it. In very small print on the instruction sheet, it says "fits on select Conair and Revlon hairdryers." I was sooo psyched to try it, and either I send it back, or buy a new hairdryer that will accommodate this diffuser, when mine works perfectly fine. I even called beauty supply stores to see if they happen to sell other adapters for diffusers, and no. If I do buy a new dryer (not ultra expensive), which is best: ceramic, ionic? I've heard of these 2 types. Thanks!
To "CurlyOver40": I would call customer service at HSN and say it was false advertising, that it would fit any hair dryer, and would they please credit you for the return shipping, as you would not have purchased it if you knew beforehand, that only select hairdryers would accommodate the product. We shouldn't have to pay to ship it back, and that's what I plan to do.
It seems like a lot of people are having to return these to HSN because it doesn't fit their dryers. What a shame!
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I also bought the deva diffuser from HSN and was at Sally's today and could not find a dryer it would fit on. Does anyone know if it fits ANY dryer. Those adapters are worthless, they don't seem to help at all.
I can't call until I get home...

And why should we have to buy a new hair dryer? I have three already.. I don't need another one!

I'll report back what I'm told.. I want a FULL refund. Shipping included. I'm also tempted to have them call UPS and have them come to my house and pick it up. Hmmm.. I think I will do that. It came w/ a shipping label.. I'm assuming I have to send it back UPS. I was just going to go to the USPO.


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I went to the Devachan website and sent an e-mail to customer service re: this whole upsetting issue w/HSN, the diffusers not fitting any dryers, and what dryer(not too expensive) would they recommend that the devafuser would fit onto? Will report back when I get a response. Oh, her initial response was a 'cheap red Revlon' one? No model number or anything, just that description. Anyone know which one that might be?
I also just got my devafuser and it does not fit my blow dryer.. i have to hold it next to the dryer for it to work..it kind of pulls out my waves...disappointed.
I am so bummed - it does not fit my dryer either! She was really misleading on HSN - she definitely said it fits on "any" dryer.

Has anybody found a dryer that it does fit on?
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She must be in cahoots with whatever hair dryer company that fits her diffuser. I would not be a happy camper.
I just got my DevaFuser today. I actually have a pretty old (6 yrs?) Conair dryer, and while it does fit w/ an adaptor, it's not a great fit. I have to kinda jimmy it for it to work. I haven't used it yet, but I am anticipating that it will be falling off.

In case anyone wants to check out my dryer, or it's newer counterparts, the number on it's barrel is 1875.

Please let us know how your returns go, b/c if this d*mn thing is falling off I'll be sending it back also.
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It fits the T3 hairdryer I have, but this is an expensive hairdryer...


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