getting nice curls?

how do you get nice curls, without using too much gel and getting that stiff look??????????
I found a couple of tricks that help me get nice soft curls. First, I would start simple: use really, really good conditioner and DT once a week. Avoid shampoo. Once you know your hair is in good shape, one day when you don't have anything planned, cowash and condition or whatever you do,as usual. Don't apply product. Scrunch your hair with a towel. Let it air dry. See how your hair acts with no gel or product in it. Then you know what you are working with! It will give a good idea of what you need and how much product you need. You might just need a good conditioning routine and a good gel. Be careful not to apply too much gel.

I really like the HE TT or on some days I like HE BE gel (it's a bit stronger.) I always apply to very wet hair. Then scrunch with a micro fiber towel and then don't touch it until it is totally dry. Really. If you need to diffuse, go ahead but don't move the hair around, just diffuse one section at a time without messing it up or scrunching it. Let it air dry the rest of the way.

When it is totally dry, scrunch with just your hands. Sometimes I finger comb the under side alittle or flip my head over. Sometimes I need to slide my fingers in at the scalp and shake a little- to loosen and fluff it up at the scalp.

For me, I think getting soft curls is a combo of really good conditioner and a not too crunchy gel applied to very wet hair. But that's me. Some gels are more crunchy, and other people say they are easier to scrunch out after they are dry, but I've had really good luck with HE TT which is soft.

I hope this helps!
2B-3A fine hair with waves and ringlets
co-wash with Suave Coconut or Vo5 Vanilla Mint Tea, condition with AOHR, HE BE or TT gel, and once a week Jessicurl WDT

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