my mom's friend can take me to a huge beauty supply

what are good beauty-supply-only products? especially shampoos and stylers. thanks guys!

last time i went i got pravana sulfate-free shampoo and condish and i was not that satisfied with it.
If you use hair spray, Sebastian Shaper Plus is usually a lot cheaper in the supply houses than at retail, especially if you catch a sale. Also check out ISO products - their Bouncy Creme smells wonderful and is silicone-free.
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I like the Brocato conditioners since they're decent enough, but their shampoos are harsh.

Sebastian Potion 9 is real nice. I've tried several of their products & this one is the only thing my hair liked.

I can't remember what the Redken Fresh Curls Conditioner was like when I used it since it was such a tiny trial bottle. I think some people here like it though.

Biolage makes a real nice deep treatment (Conditioning or Hydrating Balm), but you can get darn near the same thing at Walgreen's for half the price by BioInfusion.

I used to like Mastey Traite shampoo, but the last time I used the shampoo, my hair didn't like it too well. Some here seem to like it though. It's sulfate-free.

The ISO Bouncy Creme was good, but I get much better results with TIGI Curls Rock Curl Amplifier. It's a cream/creme in a pump.

ABBA's products recently reformulated so I don't know how their leave-in conditioner Pure-something now compares to their older product, Nourishing, which I still have quite a bit of at the house. It was the best leave-in I ever used.

Paul Mitchell conditioners are decent, leave-in, rinse-out, they're all good enough.

That's about all I remember right now. I'm still on my first cup of coffee & it's nice & warm with the furnace vent above me.


In the past I used my share of different Joico products & liked them. K-Pak is one that really sticks out in my mind. I also have a leave-in sunblock/screen spray from them that I really like.

I've also used other Biolage products. Their Hydrating Shampoo & I believe their Daily Detangler, if that's what it's called. I found their shampoo not too hydrating after the first couple/few uses. I liked the "conditioner" nice & light.

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