Elucence products - scent?

Do Elucence products have a strong scent? I am very sensitive to scented products, but can handle some. If any of you have used this brand, can you describle the scent and more importantly, how strong it is?

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It's peachy and not super-strong. It's noticeable but doesn't linger. I noticed the fragrance more with the poo than the condish, but after rinsing, there wasn't any fragrance left behind for me.
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I agree with laurabeth, I'm pretty sensitive to artificial smells too and I thought this was very nice, fruity but not fake.
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I also really like the scent; a very pleasant, mild peachy smell.
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I didn't find the scent strong at all ... I'll get a headache if it is too perfume-y (is that a word?). It is a mild fruit (peach) scent that I didn't find lingered at all. I don't tend to have trouble with the scents in the more natural lines. I don't think they have the chemicals that the cheaper brands do. Unfortunately, there isn't really a way to be sure whether it will bother you unless you try it. Good luck
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