Halle Berry's New Do: Love It or Hate It

It's so cute. but you know - she's probably one of the most beautiful women around.
She's gorgeous no matter how she wears her hair.
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I love it and I'm very surprised at how many negative responses it received on the blog. (A nest???)

it's nice and it balances out her belly getting bigger. I adore it when she wears it REALLY short...one of the few women who can do that...emphasizes her eyes and cheekbones.

What has she done in the past 2 yrs? I like her a lot.
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I hope that hair is natural
I'm not wild about the style, but that could be the candid photo and the poor angle, too.

The curls and her hair itself, however, I adore. Does that make sense that I like the hair and not the style? I'd kill for those curls and the overall health of (what I hope is) her hair.

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The hair itself is very pretty and she is the most beautiful women on the planet.

Its not my best look on her, but she still looks great.
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I guess I should say I love it because I've had the cut before and my curls look the same...but I don't know because of the camera angle. Anyone see any front shots?
HATE IT!!! I never thought I'd say that about anything Halle Berry!
Originally Posted by tsjmom
...and it looks like a wig!
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i may need to see it from another angle but so far.....im not a fan
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