Devafuser @ - did you receive it?

I was thinking of ordering the Devafuser, but it is out of stock at, so I was going to order from For those of you who ordered from this website, did you ever receive it?


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I got mine, it took awhile to get it, maybe a week and a half, but I ordered it over the holidays. HTH,

Oh darn. I just decided to order it! I should have done it sooner - HSN was cheaper (especially with the coupon code). Does anyone else have it?
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I ordered it from HSN over the weekend I think and it shipped a couple days ago.
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I ordered it from last Wed. 1/30 because HSN was out. I also ordered the dryer from because I had $$ to spend by 1/31. Dryer came on Thursday. Haven't heard anything about the devafuser. HSN has them back in stock--probably all of the returns because they didn't fit the dryers! If I don't hear soon, I'm tempted to try HSN.
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