Getting hair cut in two weeks - any style ideas?

I've really been struggling with my hair recently, and have decided to get a really good cut. I haven't been near a hairdresser in 6 months, and I didn't particularly like the last hair cut I had. I'd like an actual style as opposed to birds nest on top of my head! I'd like something a bit funkier - I think my current heavy hair with centre parting ages me by about 10 years!

I'm a 2c - quite thick and my layers are all over the place at the moment. Does anyone have any ideas for styles? I've had a look through the style gallery here, but most of the styles are type 3 hair or just too long. Anyone know of any good web sites for styles?

I quite like this cut - though not sure about actually having a fringe - especially a straight one. It would probably look quite cute curly all over too though.
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Getting hair cut in two weeks - any style ideas?-hair1.jpg  
I'm loving this style too - and the colour is not unlike my natural colour - I'm a little darker.
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Getting hair cut in two weeks - any style ideas?-hair3.jpg  

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