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Hi Ladies, just thought I would see who else was sick and tired of buying products claiming to be "Organic" or "Natural", to find out later they weren't. I have been viewing Burt's Bees website and found some interesting things that I wanted to share. They are trying to pass something to make companies that claim to be natural but underlying they really aren't be unable to make such claims. That way we aren't fooled into purchasing something we thought would be 100% natural. Burt's Bees has come up with what is called "Burt's Bill" and you can sign to support this bill encouraging it's passing. I have done so. Here is the link:


also if you have ever been curious what ingredients were considered natural they have a glossary. Here's the link for that:


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Marina, ever checked out cosmeticcop.com? Paula's a a pretty good 'myth buster' about companies that claim to use natural products.

To be honest, most products are natural...at least the chemicals can be 'naturally derived', but they are not generally found combined by their own free will..someone has to make them But she's got some terrific information on there, and what I like is she talks about how some of the natural ingredients can be irritants to your skin....like peppermint, but by golly, it makes your skin tingle and since we seem to associate 'tingle' with 'clean', then it MUST be working.

Sometimes I think the 'natural products' folks have us figured out psychologically more than anything!

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Join Date: Aug 2007
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I'm just wondering sometimes if it's that much to ask for an ALL natural product that is really good for our hair without sulfates or silicones, that is animal friendly and actually works! Sheesh, you'd think we were asking for a trip to the moon or something!

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