The cheapie dryer is going back to Sears, because I found a cheaper solution that works much better - duct tape on my old dryer!

One of the Deva adapter just about fit my regular dryer, so I used some duct tape to secure it. I only spend a few minutes drying my hair and only use the warm setting, so I don't think it will be a problem. At least I hope it won't! :-)


I was at Sears today and picked up a cheapie ($15.99) Conair 1875 dryer. The Deva Fuser fits (I checked in the store) but I really do not like the dryer.

It gets waay too hot! It does have a cool shot button, but I guess I need a dryer that has a "warm" setting. My hair is thin and it does not take long to dry, but even for the few minutes that I used it I felt like it was burning my head. That cannot be good for my hair!

The good news is that I like the Deva fuser. I just used it for a few minutes to dry the crown and it seemed to work pretty well. I am annoyed that I have to buy a new dryer just to use it though.
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