Dry hair=Dry air?

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I read somewhere that dry hair can be linked to having dry air in your home. A humidifier was the answer to this problem. Have you all tried this and noticed a difference in your hair?

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Yes. We installed a whole house humidifier a year or so ago and I can definitely tell the difference -- especially with my sinuses!

ETA: Of course, once I go outside into the cold, dry air, it doesn't help my hair any, but once I come inside, my hair seems to calm down.
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Oh, yes, it makes a difference for me. I have a portable one that is whole house sized and it does make a difference.
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I would need a whole house humidifier & said so to hubby who agreed. It wasn't dealing with my hair though, but with all of our nasal passages/sinuses, eyes, skin, etc. We're past tired of living in a desert state & miss the humidity we had in Arkansas.
I've actually never had a chance to find out. When I moved back to Minnesota a couple years ago, I bought a humidifier to run once winter started and never looked back.

For me it's about keeping nasal passages from drying out, because otherwise I get sick just like that.

I can say that I don't notice as huge a difference in my hair in the wintertime as other curlies do. It's still different, but not that different.
I just noticed I wasn't finished when I "posted".

Anyhow, one little 1-gallon humidifier per room isn't enough to fix the dry air problems we have though we've been making due with one per bedroom. We'd have to have one on each side of our queen-size bed, one beside the couch & another beside the love seat, then one beside the recliner in the other part of the living room (previously the dining area), one on the corner of the desk in the laundry room & finally one in the middle of the dining table. There's nowhere we could possibly put one in each of the two small bathrooms, though the one upstairs doesn't need it since it has a shower. And our son stopped using his. Maybe I'll "steal" it for our bedroom then. Edited: I did "steal" it, with his permission. The upstairs hallway could use one for the plants. I wish there was an outlet for one for the plants on the stair landing.

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