dandruff or product build up?

Lately I have been seeing a lot of white specs in my hair. I shampooed today using a clarifying shampoo and when I brushed out my hair afterwards, before product, I still noticed some.

Could this be product build up (some of my products do seem to cause flaking when I use too much) or is it dandruff? How can you tell the difference?

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Ahh I can relate to this... I'm wondering the same thing lol.
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I think it's the shampoo. I had a shampoo that was really gentle to my hair and my scalp, but for some reason my scalp flaked like crazy. No itch no burned feeling, nothing, just the flakes. I'd suggest trying another shampoo. Maybe you could apply some conditioner to your scalp as well after you shampoo. I believe that a dry scalp is more likely to "flake". (hope that was a correct sentence)

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