Quick hair routine?

I've started a new health kick on my lunchbreak and going swimming.

Only problem is that I need to be able to do my hair in less than 5 minutes to get back to work on time. I work in a pretty corporate environment, so going back with half wet hair isn't really an option.

My hair is 2B. At the moment I'm scrunching it dry and putting it back in a bun and putting my hair back with a headband, which seems to be the best I can do after a hairdresser butchered my hair a little while ago and gave me a lopsided fringe that was far too short (but thats another story). But it really looks like rubbish, and I'd prefer something a little more professional.

Has anyone mastered a quick curl routine???
When I'm in a rush, I add a good quality gel to soaking wet hair, pull up in a MF towel while I get dressed and do my makeup, usually the towel soaks up most of the water. I quick run a wide tooth comb thru it and add a thin headband. that is the look i have today since I woke up late. By the time i get to work, it's dry.
JEN 3b, currently bored with my hair.

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