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Hi there

Can anyone recommend a salon/hair stylist in London who specialises in curly hair? I am beginning to think that my expectations are too high as I have gone from one disaster cut to another!!

Hi! I live in Scotland, not London, but my experience of salons here (I'm from the U.S. originally)is that generally you are best avoiding the larger chains as they really don't listen/understand curls (I had one girl attack my curls with a razor in Saks, horrible experience!) and then just offer to straighten your hair! I found a hairdresser who listens/cuts great layers by trial and error in a smaller salon - try phoning the salon ahead of time and ask if they have anyone who is good with curly hair. The one exception with the chains I found was Aveda salons are pretty good at encouraging staff to go with people's natural hair types and I found them to be really curl friendly. I could be wrong, I would hope a place like London would have more options but it's just my experience of the U.K.- have you tried the salon rec's page on here? Good luck, hope you find something!
There used to be a list of UK recs in the Curlsalons section here on, but I can't find how to get that up anymore. All I can find now are the US salons (and it may be me being useless).

I remember one salon recommended a few times: the Unruly Studio in London. It's not a specialist curly hair place, but one stylist (Michael?) apparently loves cutting curly hair and is very good with it. They recommend explaining that you want a curly cut when you book. If you google it you should find the address, plus various recs.

I made a post asking for salon recs in the UK but no other names came up.

If you find anywhere, or go to Unruly, I'd love to hear how you get on. I'm going to need a hair cut some time too, but I've been too scared to go anywhere after so many horrible experiences. I agree with goldencurls8 that the chains mostly don't want to know about curls. It's out with the razor and the GHDs.
Thanks very much for your replies. I have tried Michael at Unruly (and have recommended another curly friend who went a couple of days ago and is thrilled with her cut). To be fair my hair is curlier than ever after Michael cutting it, but it is also a lot thinner (if that makes sense). I think I am used to having the bottom cut in a blunt cut which makes it a lot wider. Michael has not done that so it seems very wispy/stringy at the bottom and when I wake up in the mornings it has really curled up and it is not easy to get it to drop. But to be fair it is the first time he has cut my hair and it probably does take a while to get to know a client's hair and for the client to get used to the hairdresser. It is not easy this curly hair business is it!!
Thanks for the information on Unruly. I think I'm hoping eventually to get a 'blunter' cut, because my ends are already wispy and stringy because of past razoring and split ends. I may still go there later in the year. If I tell him I want a blunt cut I can see what he says. Still nervous about it. You're right, it's not easy!!
I will probably try him again and I will let you know how I get on!
Yes, what is it about the stylists always wanting to straighten your hair after cut? It's so annoying.
2B-2C - very wavy with loose ringlets

another curly here looking for a salon!! i'm thinking to try michael too, if i ever do get round to it i'll definately post. good luck everyone!
How much does Michael at Unruly charge? Where abouts in London is Unruly?
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Unruly is in ladbroke grove and michael is the director so it will cost you more to get your hair cut by him, i think its around £40 - £60? i got all this from the website.
when i was looking up curly hair specialists in london the two that came up were unruly and 10500, of which i think i will try unruly. i want to get my hair cut short, i'm thinking around shoulder length, and im worried that i might end up with triangle hair.

i will post my experience when (if!) i go!
Thanks requiem. I will look them up.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
bumpp to see if anyone got their hair cut?
So glad to find this thread - I had a great hairdresser that I loved in Australia and having recently arrived in London am on the search for someone who will not massacre my hair...had a couple of bad experiences in the past.
I booked an appointment at my local hairdresser, asked for someone who had experience cutting curly hair, and after chatting with the guy and being very specific about what I wanted and what I didn't want we came to an agreement that it would not work out and so I left to google for a recommendation of somewhere to go.
Michael sounds like he could be promising, and Malishi Studio is a potential too.
I'll post back after the cut to say who I went with and how it went.
I'll post back after the cut to say who I went with and how it went.
Originally Posted by rachp
I'll be looking forward to finding out!
So I rang and spoke with Mariko @ Malishi - she would not cut it without brushing it, so I decided not to go with her.

I don't know about other people but my hair goes totally afro when you brush it. Most hairdressers don't understand this and you can see the fear in their eyes as they realise what they have done after brushing it.

I've now booked in with Michael @ Unruly. Apparently he cuts it wet which I'm not a big fan of - I like a dry cut, but will see how it goes. Next evening appointment is 3 weeks away, so got a while to go!
Hi! This is the link to the Curlsalons bit, it only covers a "small" area in the UK.

I'm going to be in Newcastle upon Tyne in a few days and I was wondering if anybody knows where to get a good curly haircut around the area. I don't know if I'd actually dare to cut it - I'm a self-trimmer - but I might if there was a chance to get a curly-friendly one.
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Hi there
I am having my hair cut with Michael next Monday, so I will let you know how it goes. I have had it cut by him once already and he did cut it dry, if that is any help to you. I wasn't too sure about the first cut initially but as the weeks have gone on my hair has become curlier and I have had quite a few compliments about it. I think my scepticisim was more to do with the fact that it was a completely new experience having my hair cut at Unruly. I have also recommended a friend and she has been twice (although she did not have Michael) and she has not stopped raving about her hair cut. Hope this helps you and anyone who may be slightly apprehensive.
I saw him reply to another thread on another site and one thing he said was that if you want your hair cut curly to tell him, he seemed really approachable.
the cost of getting to london is a little more than I can justify for a hair
A lady with really curly hair at church recommended Alquimia Spa in york, can't remember the guy's planning on trying them when I'm not tied to a baby!
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Hi everyone, just to let people know I went to visit Michael at Unruly and have to say actually I wasnít very impressed. I just wanted a trim, (and he himself when he saw me said I didnít want the length to go did I, I confirmed I didnít) but he chopped big lumps off and Iíve ended up with a bob-bubble (the kind of shape Iíve been trying to grow my hair longer to avoid for the past 2 years). I had a particular section of hair over the top that didnít lie properly and asked him to sort this out. He told me that area wasnít the problem, it was further down towards the ends making the top look uneven (huh?) but now a couple of days on when Iíve done my hair myself it still looks completely wrong over the top and doesnít lie nicely. They diffused my hair, making it go from a ringlety 3b to a messy, fluffy 2b. He could see from my face when it was finished I wasnít too pleased, and I said it was shorter than Iíd expected. He said oh, it was just the diffusing making the hair more voluminous so it looked shorter, and he had to style it like that to see what it would do. (Have never heard that line before from any hairdresser).

Pretty disappointing and I wonít be going back.

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