Propane in products

Is propane/butane in your hair products a silicone? Or is it just really bad for your hair? I looked in the ingredients in some of the products I've been using and propane is in them. Should I stop using them?
It's a propellant. I don't know if it's drying or not. I think it dissipates in the air once the product is released from the canister.
Personally, i'm an all-natural girl so I wouldn't use anything like that. Are the products drying your hair out? If not, then it probably isn't harmful. Have you been using them for long?

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Mmm, I'm not sure if the products I'm using dry my hair out. Probably a combination of blow drying, shampooing almost everyday, and trying to find out the right method to condition is adding to it. I think I really need to find a good leave-in and a good condition to use in the shower. I just wanted to know if propane is harmful in hair products
Well then if it isn't the products, then propane isn't drying out your hair.

"Women are made to be loved, not understood."

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