Did your hair go curly at puberty?

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I was born a curly and always had hair that expanded. From what I know I had softer hair until puberty hit which is when it started getting more coarse and thicker.
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I was a straight haired child, mostly. A few slight waves I guess. But, nothing like now. I started with a perm in the 5th grade. I grew it out and cut it off, but eventually came back to perms until I was pg with my first child. I didn't want to perm it any more b/c of the chemicals, but I realized that it was curly even without the perm. I think it was pregnancy that really made it curl more.
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I was born with barely any strawberry blond hair, and by the age of 2 I had big loopy curls.

This straightened out completely, and by age 9 I had straight hair. I had a big chop and as it grew out, it became wavier and curlier. Puberty hit, and things really went wild. Unfortunately, the hair was still pretty short and the growing out process painful.
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Went curly during puberty. Until then my hair had been super straight.
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Thank God someone else brought this up. I was afraid to use the words "curly hair" and "puberty" in the same sentence! Anyhoos that's what happened to me. My father has thick wavy hair (so does my bro) and my Mom and I have curly hair (hers is more than mine) but as a child I had stick straight hair that resisted curling. Then when I was about 12 it began to wave and since I always blow dried it straight I didn't notice how curly my hair got until I was about 18 or 19 when I embraced my curls(though I still didn't know how to care for them). However I had really healthy hair when I used Biolage and the Conditioning balm and had my hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks. Now I can't find what my hair needs.
My hair was pretty wavy as a child, maybe 2A, but then 7th grade - and the mullet - rolled around, and it was short enough that I didn't notice any real curl. Then, high school...and Bon Jovi! Perms, teasing, AquaNet... Oh god, the horror! When I was a senior in HS, I got a new, male stylist and he insisted I stop perming, that my hair was curly enough by itself. I've always had very thick and heavy hair, but it never got really curly until I was about 21, when my perm finally grew out after 3 1/2 years. It seems the older I get, the curlier it gets. I'm 39 now, and it's all spirally. Weird - but I love it. I can't imagine having poker-straight hair - curls suit my personality!
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Born curly here. All I remember of it at puberty was that it was really bushy and frizzy and seemed not that curly, but that was because I brushed it - not knowing any better. It's probably always been basically the same.
I'm a puberty curly. This scares me that I will lose them when I hit menopause.
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i was born curly, with tight 3B (maybe even a little 3C) hair. don't really know what happened after LOL my mom always brushed my hair and put it up in a ponytail or something, cause i hated the hair hanging in my face.
it became more wavy as i got older, and i always wore it up in a bun or in a braid. (i hated my frizzy/weird hair)
when i was about 15 i started coloring my hair and always wore it pulled back tight so no curl or whatever could escape from it's "prison".
my ex mother-in-law did the colouring for me after a few mistakes i made, and she discovered my curly hair, and begged me to wear it down.
i never did until about a year ago LOL. (i even stopped colouring my hair)
now that i've found the right products to care for my hair, and thanks to this site with all of you beautiful curlies i really love my curly hair!
i straightened it last week just for fun, but didn't like it at all!! when i was younger i always wanted arrow straight hair, but now i get bored with it LOL!!
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My hair was probably 2A when I was a kid and then around 12-13 it poofed up. If I let it air dry it was like each individual hair went its own separate way and there were no real curls at all (it still does this if I brush it out and let it air dry without scrunching it). So I blew it out with a huge barrel brush every day. For example:

If the hair wasn't bad enough, we had to wear knickers as part of our uniform. This was the summer between 8th and 9th grade at Interlochen Arts Camp in Michigan. It looked like that for the better part of middle and high school. I didn't figure it out until one summer when I was home from college I let it air dry because it was so hot outside and the under layers started spiraling. That was when I started trying to figure out how to wear it curly.

I wish my husband didn't have the camera with him, because I'm having a good hair day today!
Originally Posted by Ambicurler
Hey you had my hair !!

I remember those brushing out sessions only too well. I still cringe thinking of my mother coming at me with the brush. Summer was the worst.

My hair was always curly, but it went more wavy when I was pregnant. It took about 5 years for my curls to return after the pregnancy. It may have actually been sooner, but I started blowing it straight.

It would be hilarious to see all the pictures of us as kids .. I bet we had similar hair styles !!!
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Yup. I went from a slight wave in 7th grade to a in 8th grade.
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I had wavy hair until age 15 and then brillo
It was coarse and wiry,but only for a few years.
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Nope I was born with a fro....then it all fell out and then it grew back into a fro lol
Was 3b then I did a soft relaxer and I think I'm now a 3a
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Hey MB, great to see you, i've missed you!

My hair was stick straight until around 2nd grade then it turned curly, i think it was around the time of my first major haircut, maybe we have baby hair like baby teeth and when it's gone the new curly hair is there
Originally Posted by rejoicingcurlygirl
Hey RCG!
Thanks! I try to pop on every now and then. I spend way too much money when I sit on this site for too long, my PJ starts to kick in, if you know what I mean.

Sounds like we started going curly around the same age, me 3rd grade, you 2nd.

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3Aer...Botticelli Curls

I had stick straight, super thin hair when I was little. My mom kept it short and permed because my scalp kept burning otherwise!

I started trying to grow it longer in 4th grade, and by 7th grade it was nearly shoulder length - and starting to frizz. Not curl, just frizz. I tried to wear it curly in high school a few times, but mainly ended up with crunchy gel-covered waves (a few) and lots of frizz. I had a big chop in college, and it went curly then. Now it comes and goes, and I have about 3/4" of nearly straight in the middle of my spirals, because every time I go on antibiotics (and I did in January) the hair which grows out at that time loses the curl. I'm sure I'll lose the curl when I get older, just based on the rest of my family.
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I started straight and progressed to a 2B and became a 3a after a very damaging color job at 13. My mom immediately taught me to straighten like she does.
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born curly
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
My hair was straight as a stick as a child. I did not get curly until around age 10. I did not understand what happened to my hair all of these years until it just hit me - puberty probably did it!
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Funny how you can go from one extreme to another.

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I was probably a 2a until the summer before 9th grade, I really don't remember when it curled. I recall going for my annual before school starts haircut and there were curls everywhere! Since I lived in the pool that summer, I guess it curled and I never noticed.

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