Did your hair go curly at puberty?

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As an infant, until I was 2 or three I had perfect spirals, then it turned almost stick straight with a slight flip at the end, and stayed that way until I was about 13. It started getting wavier and probably curly but I didn't have a clue that it was, I just knew it was poofy, until about grade 10 when I got a haircut and realized my hair was spirally.

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I was born with fairly curly hair, but most of the pictures of me as a kid have me with slightly wavy hair. My mom brushed it constantly because it is so thick and tangled easily (plus she has straight hair so didn't know any better), so it was usually only slightly wavy and got frizzy easily. I know that it got a little thicker and curlier as I got older, but mostly it got WAY curlier when I cut it very short and stopped running a brush through it all the time and more curls appeared.

So basically I don't know exactly when it got curlier or by how much because when it was longer (i.e up until a year ago) I brushed it out constantly when it was wet AND dry, which for wavy hair like mine means knocking a bunch of the curl out but still having some frizz...

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I had pin straight hair when I lived in Arizona (no humidity) from ages 3-10. Then when I moved to Tennessee (lots of moisture) it started to spiral. I think it was a combo of puberty (started early) and the drastic change in climate that caused it to curl


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I was straight as a board (my hair anyway) until I was in college. I think it must've started getting curlier at puberty, but I didn't notice because it was so long and heavy.

When I was in college, a stylist ask if I was growing out a perm because the hair underneath was very wavy.

It's gotten curlier as I get older and 2 pregnancies really made a difference. Before my pregnancies, I was able to straighten it with a little bit of product, a paddle brush and a blow dryer. I don't think I could straighten it now without a truckload of product and a flat iron.
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Apparently, my hair was straight or wavy when I was a baby (I don't really know, because my parents used to cut my hair short).

Anyway, my hair curled as I became a toddler.

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I have no idea if I was born curly or not. Ever since birth, my mom's goal was to grow my hair out long so that I could sit on it. All I remember, through grade school, was wearing 2 long ponytails that reached waist length. In junior high, I was allowed to start having it permed/ relaxed to be bone straight. When it was taken out of braids it was always thick and bushy. I didn't realize that my hair was curly until my honeymoon in 2006! Now I'm like, where have you been all my life!!
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My hair actually loosened a bit when I hit puberty. I used to have gorgeous 3a/3b curls. Now my hair is 2c/3a.
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My hair was never straight, but definitely wasn't curly till I hit about 15.

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I had straight hair from birth until I was in the third grade, when it started growing in wirey. And the front bang area did some weird... loopy thing. So my mom got me a body wave perm (probably in the 5th grade) and it never went away. I remember getting a cut in the 6th grade when I guess it curled more or differently because all of a sudden, everyone asked if i had gotten a perm. Never went away. I'm 30 now.

My mom said she was the same way.

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I was born with stick straight fine hair. Then about a year later it got really thick still fine textured ringlets. And then I just became a mountain of frizz and fuzz.
I always had wavy hair, it began to really curl around age 12.

I had curly hair up until I was 3, then It went straight frizzy and at 10 (when I sorta started my puberty) It gradually got curlier (:
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I had straight hair when I was little. It got wavy probably when I hit puberty - 13/14, and then I was about 18 when it first properly curled after a cut.

I'm only just learning how to care for it, but it's a lot curlier than it was even on Saturday morning.
I got my curls at 18. I can remember the day. I moved to LA from the East Coast and aimed my hairdryer at a different angle and there they were. I think my hair was wavy before then, However I had many curly beach days and have seen pictures of me at 5 with curls.
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i had curly hair until i was about 5, then it went wavy and poofy. i straightened A LOT for about a year and a half, and have been totally curly for about a year! 3a, now
When I was born, I had a head full of spiky black hair with blonde tips. When it started to grow out, it grew out bright blonde. I had my hair very long for most of my life, and only slightly wavy. Then it got to be very wavy when I was about 13, probably 2b until I cut it, then curls. I straightened it a LOT until about October of last year, I found this website in March. And the rest you guys know. =]
I had straight blond hair for the first few years of my life. Then the blond went away but the straightness stayed until puberty.

I think this led me to straightening because I didn't really realize my hair was getting curly. I just straightened to make it sleeker. Then one day it dawned on me that my hair was curly!
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I'm actually not sure about the texture of my curls before and after I hit puberty. I know I had blond, tight curls (3b or 3c) and a little girl. They were absolutely precious If I may say so myself and I wish my hair hadn't darkened to brown/blond and gotten looser. I wore my hair up all the time in middle school and grew it out during highschool (this seems to make my hair less curly), so I really have no idea what happened to the curl pattern in reality.

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I had straight hair until puberty, then it got wavy and curly.

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