Hair compliment today! -

I couldn't believe it! Well, I guess my hair didn't look too bad after all that vingegar! LOL

I was not pleased with my hair today after the vinegar I poured on it yesterday. It was dry looking!

I was picking up my DH's shirts from the cleaners. A lady came in and got in line behind the lady behind me. She sorta peeped around the one woman and said - I don't know who does your hair but it's so pretty in the back(where it curls the most of course). I smiled and told her thank you and told her it was naturally curly. She just went on and on about how pretty it was. The lady that was between us also told me that she was just looking at it! I got to thinking later, when I said it was natural - I should have said - the curls are but not the color! LOL

She was an older woman, probably in her early 70's. When I get compliments it's almost always from older women. But...hey...a compliment is a compliment...I'll take em anyway I can get em! LOL

Do you get compliments and if so - are the women older most of the time?
Yay! Compliments rock!

Yes, I find that older women tend to be more effusive with compliments than younger ones. There are lots of possible reasons for this, I suppose, but we won't go into them here!

I get a lot of compliments from gay men, as well.
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Same here, they are usually by women who are about 10-20 years older than me(I'm 32). The younger crowd all seem to straighten so I don't expect much from the peanut gallery! So Harleycurl, got some pics?
I sure don't have any pics. I have one really old one on my puter and that's all.It's awful! LOL
That nice to get a complaint HarleyCurl. I also get complaints from older women. Being one myself, I think old women usually say whats on their minds. Because they don't have to impress anyone and they can tell the truth. I bit your hair did look very nice that day.
Compliments are the bomb!

I did a thread about the girl at Dunkin Donuts giving me a compliment and she was probably 18 or so. Like you I typically get them from older people so that one was exciting because most teenagers don't know anyone over 25 exists.

This weekend she actually noticed I got it cut and said - it still looks great!! I her!
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I actually seem to get compliments from the younger girls lately. On Sunday, I had a girl probably in her early 20's tell me she loved my curls and that it looked like the ringlets on dollbabies. Hmmm, maybe that wasn't a compliment after all - is that a good thing? - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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