Such a great idea for kids!

I just recently started reading about hair salons for kids only because they're terrified of getting their hair cut.

Salon chairs are in shapes of trains, planes, backhoes, ... the walls are decorated in artwork for kids, there are toys for them to play with/on, ...

Anyhow, so I was wasting some time at one close out store while hubby was in the other close out store across the street.

And I stumble upon a product that looked like they recently got it in because it wasn't dingy & scratched up, no print was faded, & it smelled like it's supposed to. The price tag even looked new. It's a product for kids called No Yellin' Melon Cream Conditioner. It's by Snip-its. Hey, I'll use any product as long as the ingredients are right!

So I looked it up when I got home after going through as much as possible on their homepage.

This place is modeled differently than the one I saw in a magazine, but it still looks so kid-friendly!

They even have a "curly" cut. I wonder what that's like.

I see one is coming to the town I live closest to! I hope it's a great hit. I think I'll end up stopping by to check out the other products.

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I take my 3 yr old to a salon like that and he absolutely LOVES getting his haircut now. In fact, I usually end up having to drag him out crying cause he doesn't want to leave! It's a little more expensive than say the barber shop but at least I can gethim to sit still and not run the risk of getting an ear lopped off!
This place carries the Fairytales line of kids products but I've never had a chance to look at them.
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haha, I used to go to a place geared toward kids when I was little, and it completely freaked me out!!

I guess it's not for everyone :P
Bummer, none in our state.
There was something like that in Albuquerque (Kidz Kuts, or something like that?) but we never went.

I'd be interested in taking my curly son for the curly cut.

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There's a place like that in a town about 30 miles away. It's called cookie cutters, and it sounds really cool. They have toys to play with while they wait. They have the cool chairs, and even dvd's and game systems to play while getting their hair cut. According to the advertisement they will do absolutely anything to make your child feel at ease and make the hair cut a pleasurable experience for them. And the best part is they aren't very expensive. They even have this special package for baby's first haircut that includes pictures and they will preserve a lock of hair and for only like 20 bucks. How well they cut hair I have no clue though.
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wow that is such a great idea. that's kind of how my sons' dentist office is. It has a sports theme with pictures on the wall, and kid magazine's as well as a gamecube(set up the way a store know time limit etc.) so the kids have something to do in the waiting room.

Then when you enter the back to get your teeth worked on there is just the "beds" or "tables" lined in kind of a half moon span. So all the kids are visible (unless they need surgery-then it's another room)

So neat people think of kids too!

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