In case you never figured out clipping,

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Wow, those are some great videos!! Thank you so much for reposting the links. I've been dying to see them and everytime I clicked they wouldn't pop up!
2c/3a/3b Fine/med texture, normal porosity, normal elasticity
Thank you so much for your videos!!!
I cant wait to try them tommorow!!

Mostly 3a with a little 2c around the front and 3b mixed in the back,
Fine with normal to thick hair, with low porosity
low-poo~giovanni 50/50 (1 to 2 times a month)
co-wash~TJ Nourishing Spa cond (2 to 3 times weekly for scalp)
rinse-out~TJ Nourishing Spa cond
condish TJ Nourishing Spa cond
dt~ Aubreys White Camellia cond
style~Homemade FSG!!
great video! i learn something new today, can't wait to try it tomorrow!
I actually just posted a topic about how the top of my hair is going flat and how I've been super worried about it. I watched your video and now I'm so excited because I really want to see if clipping would help make the top of my hair curlier again. Thanks so much for posting!
i have another way for you to try! After my devacut, a couple people asked me to post pictures of how my stylist taught me to clip. But, i thought it would be easier to make a video, so i did! If you go to my hair blog ( you can view the video (s). There are 3, but the second one is the most important for clipping.

So, I just thought I'd share! Let me know what you think if you get a chance to try the clipping method.
Originally Posted by shellynot

Don't know what I'm doing wrong but I clicked on your blog and it a box says movie or video must have been moved or deleted and underneath is says photobucket???
3b, fine textured,thin and normal to high porosity.
I strongly recommend folks who have had issues with duckbill clipping experiment with larger Octopus (claw type, but rounded) clips. They maintain my root curl, give me some root lift, are easy to use (no weird positioning or crimping), don't slip out (not on my hair and it's fine), and let air in for hair to dry.

So, consider it if duckbills frustrate you.

I only use four (three large, one jumbo) and the results are nice.
Natural since 11/25/09
Then: fine, superdry, non-elastic, porous
Now: medium, dry, elastic, lower porosity, BSL

Curl Junkie Conditions!
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; BEE-U-Ti-Ful Deep Condish
~SMasters Method; Pixie-curling
Dumped clumps for VOLUME!

Marchioness Mir, Magister of Moisturization & Mystic of the Lofty Crown in the Order of the Curly Crusaders
Oh no! The video link no longer works. Does anyone know if she posted the clipping video anywhere else?
Sort of CG sometimes, but not really
2B, medium? normal porosity and elasticity?

Cleansers -
Suave Clarifying, Philosophy Happy Birthday Beautiful

Stylers - BRHG, re:coil, Ion Hairspray

I live in the NYC area.

Echoing the above by Cheetara..I'd love to see this technique, but the videos are all missing
2a or b, highlighted, fine hair but lots of it
Modified CG since 6/11

Low Poo: CJ Daily Fix
Co-Wash: DevaCurl No Poo
Rinse Out: CJ Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner or Deva One C
DT: CJ Rehab
Stylers: Deva Heaven in Hair as a Leave-in, followed by Arc Angel
3a, fine+med textures; med dens (ii); low porosity; nrml elasticity; frizz; protein sens.
CG since Sept '11

NO sulfates, cones, parabens
Co-wash- Desert Essences Frag Free
Condish- Acure Lemongrass or AO Blue Camomile
DT- Jessicurl
Styling- AOMM + KCCC or Alaffia BeautCurls Shea LI+KCCC
Extras- wkly ACV, br sug scrub for scalp issues
scrunch in prods to soaking wet hair (no combing), flour sack dry, clip roots, air dry, SOTC
Had a devacut this week, and she did clipping on my hair. She puts the clips in vertically, so it's kind of propped up on the ends of the clips. She also put one clip horizontally pinching both sides the the part together at the roots.

As far as the videos go - I know! I saw a couple videos on here about it that were reall good, but I cannot find them! I'm not sure if they were Ouidad or deva, but they were "official".

I'm thinking it was part of some series that went through devacuts, but I could be wrong.

If I come across them, I'll be sure to post on here!

UPDATE! Found this one (and some others) on Ouidad's site!
2c/3a/3b, Fine/med, Dense, high porous, & normal elas.

Lo-poo - Renpure Keratin, SMR, Giovanni SaS
clarifying - mix Johnson's H2T with low poo
Co-wash - Suave Nats. clar. or coco.
RO - GVPCB, Ion Eff. Care, TN.
LI - SMR, Cure Care, or RO
Seal - MO or Jojoba
DT - + honey, ACV, & EVOO to SM masque & GVPCB
PT - Gelatin!, CNPF
Styling - FSG, AIF, BRHG, LALS/PS, GF curl spray gel, SM Souffle/Smoothie, LOOB
Oils - MO!, EVOO, jojoba, GSO, SM Elixer, EVCO, VO5 Hairdressing

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Shelly's blog is no longer available

Here's a a Deva Video on clippingDevacurl Clip me up & a way - YouTube
Discovered CG 2007

2C Fia BSL/Thick/Med-Coarse/Low(crown)-Normal Porosity Protein and Oil Sensitive

Link-Spritz & Condish Washing

I'm aCurlJunkieJunky

My hair LOVES Coconut DESPISES Soap Bars

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So no chance of getting this video back? I've come a long way in the last month or so with finding a good balance of protein and moisture, or at least finding out how to manipulate that balance, so I'm now moving onto learning how to clip. With all the raving about these videos, I was sad not to be able to find them. Help?
So no chance of getting this video back? I've come a long way in the last month or so with finding a good balance of protein and moisture, or at least finding out how to manipulate that balance, so I'm now moving onto learning how to clip. With all the raving about these videos, I was sad not to be able to find them. Help?
Originally Posted by Sreusaw
+1 ... I was really looking forward to watching these but no luck

If anyone was able to download the videos & still has them on their hard drive, please let us know!
When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace. - Jimi
2c/3a, BSL, medium, low porosity
Low-poo: Bobeam and CV poo bars; Acure Argan Oil & Stem Cell
Conditioner: Acure Argan Oil & Stem Cell; Desert Essence Shea
Stylers: Sweet Curls Elixir Curl Cream; SM CES
PT: BASK Whiskey Soak
Does anyone know if these videos are available for viewing elsewhere? I'm desperate to see these! TIA
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