Bad tangles...matted snarls like dreadlocks. HELP!!!

For Easter, my hair was super cute and bouncy - turns out JCCC (Jessicurl Confident Coils) works great for me after plopping! My ends stay really defined and not crunchy, and it dries fast. The problem I seem to be running in to now is terrible snarling and matting (almost felt-like and sort of dreadlock-ish) in the underlayers that rub against my shoulders. I absolutely do not want to wear my hair up all the time anymore - especially not now, since my 1-yr old isn't grabbing it all the time and I know how to make it look so good! But what else can I do?

I cold water rinse, I do vinegar sometimes, I keep my fingers out of my hair...what haven't I tried??
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I find the magnesium sulfate makes my hair tangly/dry. I cannot use products with that in it on a daily basis - I have to rotate.
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Hmmm...I know I've read here that some of the JC products have magnesium sulfate in them, but I just got that stuff a little over a month ago, and my hair has been doing this for a long time. I thought that since I started CG (my version anyway) that the tangling would stop because it's so much healthier overall, but that's the one thing that's remained constant.

I'll still check my bottles and try going MS free every other cowash or so, but what if it still happens - is there anything else that it could be, or anything else I can do?
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At a guess, your hair is so long that it might be rubbing on the back of your shirt? just a guess.
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Ok, so this time, I went with JC Too Shea! for cowashing, WDT as a leave in, JC oil blend and HETT before overnight plopping. Then this morning, I spritzed in some homemade aloe/glycerine/oil/fragrance oil that I made and scrunched the ends with KY warming (I can't believe I put lube in my hair! :agape: ).

Before my little girl started doing my hair for me as I typed this post (thanks, punkin!), my hair was soft and clumpy and pretty tangle-free. Right now, she's grabbing one clump at a time and pulling it apart in one fell swoop, and then cocking her head as if to examine her work before leaning in to kiss me. Very cute...for her - not me.

Anyway, it looks like magsulfate is a tangling culprit for me as well. And here sits me with three bottles from JC with the gunk in it. Gaah!!

So how often can y'all use it? Once a week or less? It really sucks cuz it works to give me great spiraled ends, but what good is that if I have felt beneath the surface??
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Botticelli Botanicals Smoothie
Botticelli Botanicals Styling Mudd w/ double avocado oil and double agave
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I know this is a really old thread, but I was wondering if any more solutions to this tangling mess exist?

My hair is currently in a shorter bob, so it's not currently an issue for me, but when my hair was half-way down my back, my 2b/c waves would constantly rub against my back and the fibers of my shirt would snarl each wave clump so terribly that I'd have the start of natural dreads by the day's end. Even sopping wet with conditioner applied, my hair would take 15 minutes or more to comb out. I eventually got so frustrated with the tangles, that I chopped my hair into a bob, which is also a fun hairstyle, but if I could resolve this awful snarling, I'd consider growing it out again. None of my products have magnesium sulfates in them..
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I love love love tangle teezer brushes for tangles. It's gentler than a comb. I use it on my 2 yo's tangle prone hair and she doesn't complain, unlike with a wide tooth comb.

To minimize damage to hair and curls, either brush before washing (the water will reset the curl), brush when the hair is covered with conditioner, or oil the hair after brushing. Don't brush or comb hair when it's just wet! This is when hair is most fragile and prone to breakage.

Also, oiled hair is less prone to tangles to begin with. I put a drop or two of olive oil on my daughters head whenever it looks a bit frizzy. When I don't keep up with the oil, her hair is much more likely to tangle.

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I get this too. Regular PT's and using oil are the only things I've found that help!
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