Your best defrizzer secrets

As far as curl formation goes, I don't have problems. I can style my hair with my finger and no hair product. With very little product, my hair keeps it's shape (except if it's windy) all day...not all night and I don't have success with second day hair, but that's for another topic.

Anyways, I'm still trial and erroring products to defrizz my hair. That's probably my biggest issue.

I find leave-ins help a lot, but not fully.
I find that my curl creams and other styling products can help a lot, but not fully.

What do you find works best for defrizzing your hair?

I wanted to add, I do not like the wet look. I'd rather be frizzy than wet looking. I like having soft curls.
Just keep that in mind when making recommendations.

Here's some products that I have in rotation:

Kiehl's leave-in
Regis Olive Oil leave-in

Biotera curl cream
MOP C curl cream

I also CO wash 3-4X a week; shampoo with no sulfates once or twice a week and not wash once or twice a week.
Every two weeks or so, I will use a mild sulfate shampoo to do a gentle clarifying. It have Regis OO conditioning masque that I sometimes use but not often due to the protein in it. I CO wash with VO5 and I shampoo with Creme of Nature (red label; old formula) and gentle clarify with Naturelle Hypoallergenic shampoo.

Thanks in advanced!

i've found that diffusing downward on my hair helps it dry without frizz. we've just recently been talking about it at the end of this thread:
curl blog
curl album

"Your head is like a crown on you.
It is as beautiful as Mount Carmel.
Your hair is as smooth as purple silk.
I am captured by your flowing curls."
Song of Solomon 7:5 (NIRV)

Let it air dry. If you have to diffuse, just get a bit of the wetness out & leave it moist. If you have to dry it all, diffuse with low heat. If you have to dry it fast, diffuse with the hottest setting until the really wet parts are gone, then switch to a lower setting, then switch to the lowest setting. Also decrease the speed the dryer it gets. Doesn't always work.
what about shampooing less that an option? my hair used to be really frizzy until I went shampooless. now it is never frizzy.
I airdry my hair, don't even own a blowdryer or a diffuser. So that's not the problem.
I might shampoo less often. I like the feel and freshness of shampooing and my curls seem to like it.
I am finding that my hair is less dry and in fact sometimes over-conditioned. My frizz, I believe, is just the natural state of my hair. I've always had it.
I have been tremendously less harsh on my hair the past 7 months or so, especially the past 3-4 months even more so. I guess I could CO wash more and shampoo even less. Water wash doesn't work for me, it makes my hair frizzier, but maybe CO wash would.

Is there any product you would recommend to make my hair less frizzy?
CK, all the way!

oh yeah, and air drying.
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