When you know you shouldn't....but can't stop yourself

I'll hop on the wagon here...Hello, my name is Sunshine and I have a hair problem.

I use too much product.
I fuss with it too much, both when wet and dry.
I keep fussing with it throughout the day a la 90's crispy curly rockstars.
I de-crunch it all day long because I can...then get mad when I lose my fab clumps.
I diffuse too long because sometimes it's just nice to leave the house with dry hair!
I wield a spray bottle like a cop wields a weapon, thinking that if I just wet the canopy again, it'll curl like I want it to, resulting in frizz and loss of clumping.

You all hit it on the head. I need help, people!

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There should be a support group started. I too have way too many things I shouldn't do:

I use too much product
I use hairspray every now and then when I get the frizzies (I KNOW it doesn't help but it holds the damn hair!)
I play with my hair way too much and move it around all day long

Ugh, well at least I am not alone!

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