dry plopping?

i was just sitting around contemplating all things hair (as we curly folk often do) and it suddenly came to me to try plopping with dry hair overnight for second day hair. sort of as an alternative to the pineapple (which for some reason i can never get to work).
has anyone ever tried this before? and if so does it work?

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I think it's a great idea and I've tried it, but it doesn't work for me. My dry hair is just too slippery or something and keep sliding out of the towel and turns into a mess.
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That could actually work. I get good results when I plop for a long time, but have no time to dry it. I might try that tonight.
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I used to do this in a satin scarf under my bike helmet. It worked pretty well.

I just bought a satin sleep cap at Sally's to try it at night.
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I have often thought that a shower cap lined with curlease fabric would be the bomb. But heck I dont even overnight DT so I am sure I would not use it.

Now if somewhere down the road we see this product - we can say it was MY idea!!
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I have tried this and I love it! For me, it works even better than pineappleing for second-day hair.
In the morning when I first take it out, my hair is very voluminous and the curls are springy and sort of stick out a bit but after a few minutes, they calm down and I have lovely bouncy second-day curls!
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Not for sleeping but if I need fabulous hair on a weekend night and am not going out of the house in the day, I can put hair, once dry, in ponytail right on top of my head and pull satin cap over all. This keeps the curls from moving around and the high pony means there's volume when I let it down. Absolutely reliable method for great evening hair on a lazy day.

It looks RIDICULOUS while the hat is on, though, like some sort of Dr. Seuss creature, so it's not for wearing out of the house.
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