Coconut Oil

I went out and bought some Proclaim Coconut Oil Hair and Scalp conditioner. It lists the first ingredient being petrolatum, then cocos, then coconut oil.

Is it better to buy pure coconut oil to remedy dry hair and where can I find it?
Yes, absolutely, pure coconut oil is better for the hair. If there is a Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods or other health store near you they will carry it. Spectrum Naturals is a good brand. Another excellent hair oil is grapeseed oil. I would return the Proclaim.
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Thank you, I'll look at Vitamin Shoppe. Is it something you can put on hair as a leave in? That was how I was wanting to use it.

It is too strong for very fine hair?
I just checked and can't find any Vitamin Shoppes near me. They must have closed. I checked their web site but couldn't find the product either.
Yes, the key words are pure,unrefined (not extravirgin -- no such classification for coconut oil to my knowledge).

I try not to leave oil in my hair as it tends to dry it out once hair dries. I use oil rinses on clean wet hair before I condition.
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Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
Extra-virgin is "supposed" to mean that it's cold-pressed and never heated, I guess. But use of this term is not regulated like it is for olive oil, so it can actually be meaningless.
Does anyone know if this would be a good one?
Originally Posted by ringletcurl
This is the one I use. Walmart also carries a brand in the vitamin section that is also unrefined (there is also a brand, Louanna, I think, for cooking <----- I don't use this one--I believe it is refined).

I part it into sections and apply evenly and comb or brush it all though after CO washing and airdry. Curls are well defined and best of all, very soft. At night, I add a little more oil on the ends and canopy, run fingers through to detangle, braid and wear a sleeping cap. Next day, I wet down the canopy, if I have frizzies, and can get away with 2nd day hair. HTH.
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Somewhere on this site someone said that you could use Cocoanut Milk as a DT - would this compare? Has anyone done it?
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I've done both the coconut oil and coconut milk. I think that I got better results from the oil.

I have the cooking brand of coconut oil. That's what I used. I didnt see any other brand.
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I've done both. The coconut oil was great the first time. Not as good the second. I've only done the milk once and it was great the first time, too. They are both fairly inexpensive. I got the milk for $.99 at the oriental grocery store It may be a little more at the regular grocery. You can give them both a try.
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I've done the coconut oil as a pre-shampoo treatment and combined it with my deep treatment conditioner. I really loved the results and I always forget to use it again.

I think it works particularly well when your hair really needs it. Maybe that's why it didn't work so well for Kathymack the second time.

I have a can of coconut milk that I keep meaning to try but I never get around to it.
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