Volumizing vs. Curling products

I was browsing the hair care aisle and reading all of the ingredients labels, and I noticed that most curling products had silicones, whereas most (or more) volumizing products did not.

It kind of makes sense, since silicones COAT the hair shaft, which would likely weigh hair down, making it harder to achieve volume.

I'm wondering if all this time I should be looking for volumizing products as opposed to curling ones - especially since although my hair may get more defined with curling products, it's always hard for me to achieve volume.

Anyone notice anything similar? Anyone have any favorite volumizing products that help them style their curly hair?

I have my eye on one of the Matrix Amplify Gels.

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Hmmmm.....maybe I should be using cones as my hair is very, very coarse. The last think I need is volumn, infact could probably give two people mine and still have enough for me
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