Hi everyone. I've been having issues with my hair and lately they seem to be getting worse. I have several ideas as to why I am having these problems, but I'm not sure where to start solving them. Lately my hair has been a little sracthy and my curls seem dry. See, my hair is wavy on the top, with bouncy small curls on the sides and back. It is more of a problem with the more curly parts of my hair. It seems like when I smooth it down with my fingers its not so dry? It also seems like it's only the top of hair that is every soft and moist (such as when I run my fingers through my hair, it's not soft and shiny). I use AO Island Naturals Conditioner along with Curl Keeper, I use a vinegar rinse once a week, which helps slightly. I think once my hair gets a little longer these problems might go away because its only 2.5 inches long right now. It could also be that the weather is changing and I need a second gel along with Curl Keeper, as I know that is what some of you do. I also get the feeling that I'm not applying in everything right, I just work it in with my fingers, nothing special. Maybe it could be helped if I blow dried with a diffuser every morning instead of air drying? Or it could be that I need a leave-in conditioner, or creme, or who knows what... I just want my hair to be really soft and smooth, it seems like my hair never wants to cooperate . My hair is also pretty thick, so that makes it even harder to manage. If you have any ideas, please do tell . Thanks!