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Hello. I am new here. I have a question about what would be a good product for my hair. I have curly hair, not too curly but curly enough to make it extremely frizzy if I wear it down. I usually wear it up but I would like to start wearing it down. I do not have a lot of time to do it though. I would really like to be able to wash it and just put something in it and walk out the door. My problem is is that I don't like it when it is sticky or hard. I want a nice soft look. What product can I use to do this? Thanks!!!!

Oh I should mention that I have tried professionally straightening my hair twice and it did not work at all. I have a natural curl that just won't go away.
Hi, kristen6727! What you want is what we all want -- and are in constant pursuit of! It's hard to tell you where to begin. It's really a case of trial and error. Your best bet is to read these various posts, find people who seem to have hair like yours, and slowly start to experiment. Everybody's hair is so different.

A very easy way to start is to try Jessicurl's trial pack.

Her products don't leave your hair feeling hard or crunchy -- very natural.

Good luck!
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