Curly Salons By State

Hello Girls!

I thought it would be great to have a thread that lists THE BEST CURLY SALONS in each of the 50 United States. I figured that we can all pool our resources & our friends resources from around the country to complete this list. So send out messages to your aunts, your coworkers, your internet friends, & your college roommate's step sister's cousin twice removed to get their input on salons in their state. By the way since many states are Humongous feel free to list more than one salon by region. For example: North, South, West, or Southeast Georgia.

Then COPY & FILL in the list in the contrasting color
ORANGE so we can all note the change. Happy Searching!!!


1. Alabama
2. Alaska
3. Arizona
4. Arkansas
5. California
6. Colorado
7. Connecticut
8. Delaware
9. Florida
10. Georgia
11. Hawaii
12. Idaho
13. Illinois
14. Indiana
15. Iowa
16. Kansas
17. Kentucky
18. Louisiana
19. Maine
20. Maryland
21. Massachusetts
22. Michigan
23. Minnesota
24. Mississippi
25. Missouri
26. Montana
27. Nebraska
28. Nevada
29. New Hampshire
30. New Jersey
31. New Mexico
32. New York.............Devashon Salon
33. North Carolina
34. North Dakota
35. Ohio
36. Oklahoma
37. Oregon
38. Pennsylvania
39. Rhode Island
40. South Carolina
41. South Dakota
42. Tennessee
43. Texas
44. Utah
45. Vermont
46. Virginia
47. Washington
48. West Virginia
49. Wisconsin
50. Wyoming

In the event that a state does not have a curly salon feel free to list mall salon's or department store salons with curly specialists in more rural parts of the country in the event that a state does not have a curly salon. Remember this is ONLY in the event that the state lacks a better curly salon.
Did you see the CurlSalons section above? If everyone posts their reviews there, it's a great database.

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Edited due to a cyberstalker. Sorry, guys.

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If all of the reviews are from stylist sockpuppets, what is to stop them from doing the same thing here?
Edited due to a cyberstalker. Sorry, guys.

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Dunno. *shrug* Maybe the extra effort required to actually find this thread instead of just hitting "CurlSalons" at the top of every page. Or possibly that we tend to know each other's sigs and posts a little better here in the forums. Just trying to stay open-minded.
Originally Posted by Koukla72
Koukla72, I had practically the same experience as you, so no sense in repeating it. You're not in VA are you?

I too would consider members' reviews in this thread over the reviews in the CurlSalons section. In fact, I already have a stylist in mind based on another member's experience. I think it's helpful to at least put an alias to the review. A lot of members have Fotki's too so putting hair to the review is a bonus, . And a big plus, unlike anonymous reviews, one can follow-up with a reviewer in this thread or via PM.

*Bookmarking and subscribing*
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Edited due to a cyberstalker. Sorry, guys.

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I wrote a really bad review of a salon and the specific stylist in the CurlSalons section this past fall, when I had a horrible experience with a stylist I had gone to specifically because of the good reviews she had gotten. I completely (and quite honestly) panned it afterwards because I felt others would benefit from knowing that she really isn't doing a good job for everyone - far from it in my case. The review never showed up, even though I know it went through because I got the automated response after I hit submit. The next day "someone" had written her yet another glowing review instead. Hmmmm.

I found out afterward from someone local who pm'd me about her, when I complained about the cut in a post, that they'd gone to her for the same reason - and had had an almost identical really bad experience. I doubt we're the only two. I no longer trust the CurlSalons section at all, unfortunately, and I also suspect many of those reviews are put up by the stylists themselves and are completely fake.

But maybe JAntuanet's efforts here will work out better. I'll try to keep an eye on this thread. Good luck!
Originally Posted by Koukla72
Same thing happened when I went to CurlSalons site - was very unhappy............totally unhappy - so much so I went right home and redid my hair.
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I've been hunting for a good Salon in the NJ/NY area for ages and always go to the CurlSalons section, read all the reviews on a bunch of salons and then chicken out of calling. First off, a lot of the reviews were posted quite a while ago and also, I'm leary about who really wrote the review. Plus I've read several posts on here about members that went to a salon based on a review and then hated their cut.
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Hello all,

When I lived in NY I loved getting my hair carved and sliced. At the time i had texlaxed my hair from 3c to 3a and the carve and slice was perfect.

I now live in Florida and I go to Parlour Games Salon in Gainesville Deborah does my hair. She is great and listens to what you need. She is not scissor happy either.
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Well, maybe the CurlSalons was better before the board switched (yet again) as it showed who posted the reviews. And many reviews were deleted with the move. I guess my point was that you could add your reviews here, plus add them to the CS area. You could always put your name in your post, to prove legitimacy. My reviews are there, both good and bad.

I didn't mean to discredit this thread, just wanted to be sure the OP knew about the reviews, since she was relatively new.

SF Bay Area, CA * "The Angel-Goddess-Guru of Haircoloring"
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Several years ago, I went to a stylist who got three glowing reviews in CurlSalons (although the page might not have been called that at the time -- I don't remember).

He ruined my hair by ignoring my specific instructions. My hair looked ridiculous for a while and bad for a long time.

Anyway, I submitted a bad review, which as far as I know was never posted. However, the good reviews of him were taken down at some point.

Never again will I trust those reviews!
shoulder-length 3a/b, depending on weather and products (or lack of products!)

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I had a haircut with Mauricio at Christopher Stanley salon (Flatiron district). It was a stress-less, smooth and happy experience. I have 3B shoulder-length hair, where he essentially just cleaned up the layers and trimmed off an inch on the bottom. It's pricey - about $110-115. You get a 10% discount off your next haircut if you post a review on citysearch (I guess, this explains hundreds of happy reviews for the salon). The cut has been growing out beautifully.
Thank you gals for all the posts so far!!!

So there has been some discussion as to having this thread versus using the Curlsalons section. I think it's good for us to have a thread started by and posted by members versus only using the resource that may be accountable to outside sources as part of the larger website.

Koukla72 I like your suggestion of listing your state and salon rather than copying the list. That sounds much simpler. In fact I think everyone who replies with a salon should put their STATE & THE SALON IN THE TITLE OF THEIR POST. Then any details you'd like to share in the body of the post. Stylist, price, time appointment took, tea or mineral water offered for example.

Girls did you all get that?

remember not to abbreviate your state so it will be searchable on the site

~ Then I'll republish the list when we have significant additions,
say 5 or more new salons to add to the master list. ~

So Jari & goluboivagan THANK YOU!!! for your recommendations for

Florida -
  • Deborah at Parlour Games Salon in Ganesville
New York -
  • Ouidad
  • Maricio at Christopher Stanley Salon in the Flatiron District
We're well on the way to a great list of 50 salons. Let's try to get 5 total by end of week. We have 3 so let's try for 2 or more this week.
Maryland- Mane Tamer in Pikesville rocks!!!
I sent my sis there and she loved it too...
I went to Erika Audrey at the midtown location a couple weeks ago. I had read some great reviews on CurlSalons and she was pretty awesome. They have tea and coffee in their waiting area. Its a really laid back environment. She used the Aveda Be Curly line on my hair which is fine by me but if you are CG you might want to bring your own products. Then she taught me a little about diffusing which was nice. My hair looks way better than it ever has before but she didn't cut it dry so this isn't a Deva cut if thats what you're looking for.

Girls, you came through even faster than I expected.
We've got 10% of the list done with salons in 5 states. That's incredible!

So let's shoot for 5 more this week for a total of
10 salons by next weekend.
Please send some emails and text messages out to all the curlies you've ever known, especially if they moved to another state, get the name's of their salons.

Thank you so much curlywoman, lappel1, & EponaBlackhorse for your additions.

Georgia ~ Helmut Hairwox, Atlanta
Florida ~ Parlour Games, Ganesville
Maryland ~ Mane Tamer, Pikesville
Massachussettes ~ Cala Rene
New York ~ Ouidad, NYC
~ Christopher Stanley, Flatiron District, NYC

More additions are always welcome for states which salons are already listed. Everyone loves choices. That's what this thread's all about.
I almost forgot to add my favorite stylist! I have since moved, but have yet to find a stylist with his talents. I miss him dearly.

Fredrico's Salon

Stylist: Fredrico Senior (owner)
12500 Montgomery NE #115Albuquerque, New MexicoPhone: (505) 298-3087

SF Bay Area, CA * "The Angel-Goddess-Guru of Haircoloring"
3b/c/a mix. medium texture, low porosity
My Motto: Strand Test! some hair pics
-- gone, but never forgotten.
There's actually a whole new board for this now...
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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