Alicia Keys hair

How can I get this hair? It lookes so soft and flowy, and I like how the top of it looks. Any ideas?
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Buy it and weave it in. hehe

It is gorgeous! FWIW though I think your curls are pefect. I absolutely love them.
It depends on how your hair is right now (texture, length, etc.) but for the most part you can achieve this with your natural hair by roller setting, flat ironing, and using curlers or a curling iron to make waves in your hair.

My sister's hair is styled similar only she still has relaxed hair, but she doesn't relax anymore, she just flat irons once a month and wraps her hair the rest of the time to keep it straight. She twists her hair and uses a curling iron to make the waves.

However if I were to do it (since my hair is curly all the time) I would rollerset first, then flat iron to make the hair on the crown of my head flat and then use a medium barrelled curling iron to make all the waves.

There's probably several ways to achieve this hairstyle, but I'm postitive that having length to your hair is a serious factor with this one.

ETA: After looking at your fotki, I don't think you'd have any problems getting this style. Try taking this pic to a salon.
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They are quite pretty. Funny how she went from that "tough" look years ago then fell off the face of the earth and returned into a more feminine hip hop queen!

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i just looked at your pics and WOW your hair is beautifull!
Buy it and weave it in. hehe
Originally Posted by Kitara

My thoughts exactly!! Or, invest in a good curling iron. If this look is truly, naturally producible I would sell my little sister to have that hair.
Hey, everyone, thanks for the compliments and the advice. My hair is only about shoulder length now, since the pics in my fotki are about a year old. I think I'll put some new ones up. I'm going to try to do a velcro roller set and see if I can achieve something close to that. And I'm continuing on my mission to have long hair again, just healthier than it used to be.
pw: curlie
I know that's not all her own hair but does anyone know if she has relaxed her hair? it seems to be straight all the time now and I happened to see a candid shot of her and her hair looked really thin and barely curly..
Not that it matters she can do what she wants, but it's just an observation
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