Clipping problem

Ok, my problem is not with the actual clipping. I get nice volume at my roots, and my hair is trained back from my face. The problem is getting the damned things OUT. They get twisted into my hair, so the only way to get them out is to drag them the length of my beautifully formed ringlets, which pretty much jumbles and frizzes them all up.

Any suggestions for getting the clips OUT?
Minneapolis, MN
For me, I have to be VERY careful putting them in and also not to slide them in too far so the ends of the clip are out of the hair enough to be able to grab and easily slide them out. - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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I have a similar problem. I find if I am careful when I put the clips in that it can help. (I tend to clip before I have my coffee)
If I angle the clip so the hinged part is toward my face and angled up a bit, I tend to be able to get them out without too much fuss. If I let the part I have to pinch open point toward the back of my head, I inevitably end up pulling hair along with the clip.
Hopefully others out there have some hints!
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