KCCC + humidity?

I used KCCC on Sunday like I normally do: over KCKT, nothing else. After scrunching out the crunch, my hair looked FANTASTIC, but 8 hours later I had major frizz and poof. Now, some of that may have had something to do with all the clothes I tried on, but it was also a pretty humid day. Does anybody else find that the KCCC doesn't hold up so well in the warmer, more humid seasons? I'm wondering if I'm going to have to shelve it for the fall.
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Not a straight answer, but I have found that I don't get the same lasting hold with KCCC/KCKT that others report into day 2 and 3 hair. On me it's super soft, and while it's fine throughout the day, it does seem to make my hair expand outward as time progresses.
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Usually the hold is pretty good for me. I also get super-soft hair, but normally it's coupled with resilience and lasting power. Not this week.
Location: North NJ or NYC
I, too, am wondering what will happen this summer.

I started using this combo late last summer, but my hair was rehabbing from months of protein and sulfate issues at that point that I couldn't properly judge it. I did use CK between the two though if it was super humid. I just loved the softness of the KCCC. But, the ingredients list does not lend me to believe that this is a summer humidity product...
Time will tell I suppose.

I did break down and buy the Biotera cream/gel combo that is so raved about. I want to play with it to see if it could become a viable option once the dewpoints get into the mid 60s.
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Yesterday I used the Mop-C Curl Defining Cream over the Knot Today and had good results in terms of frizz control, but lost a bit of the softness. Of course it was windy and humid, and the wind just drives me crazy
I haven't been using KCCC for while now because even in the cooler weather I was finding that by the middle of the day I was losing hold and my hair would start to expand. I don't think it would work well for me once it gets more humid.
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