Please help! I'm so frustrated!

I'm new to cg and am desperate to give up my flatiron...I've had enough! I love my curls, but I've always had bangs because I look silly without them. What the heck to I do with my bangs at this stage?? They're too long to dig out the flatiron, and I look like a kid caught in a rainstorm if I just diffuse or airdry. Everything I find online about how to style bangs is how to hide the fact that I have them...well, I look ridiculous without mine! If I can't find a solution, I won't have to worry at all, cuz I'm just going to pull out all my darn hair in frustration.

Mostly 3b/some 3a using CHS Curl the moisture kit and loving it so far. Even the poo, and definitely the CK!
Do you have pics? That might help us get more of an understanding as to what you're going through.
I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.
Yes it's hard to say without a pic, but one option could be to get them cut more slanted so they are more like "face framing" pieces. Then you could slowly transition them out too so that you still have enough face framing pieces that you like, but instead of two severe lengths it's more blended in to the rest of your hair.
I had this problem too, when my hair was still wet I'd just pin them to the side for a bit till they stuck there. Eventually they just kinda meshed with the rest of my hair. I also wore my hair half back quite a bit, just pinning my bangs back. Hope this helps!
I pull my bangs (when wet) straight out from my head and wrap them around a large velcro roller. Once I'm done diffusing the rest of my hair, I gently pull the roller out and hold the diffuser on my bangs to finish drying them. This gives my bangs some volume and definition. It also obviously pulls out the curl, which works for me, because I just can't deal with curly bangs...

I look pretty silly walking around the house with the roller sticking out from my forehead, but my family is pretty used to all my "curly" antics!!
3A (I think)

Loving my curls after all these years -- but still trying to figure out what works for me...
I should have posted a pic before asking for help. I apologize. I'll have dh take a couple end-of-day pics tonight and post them later today. That said, Ro, I do like your suggestion and will maybe give that a try. I've tried curly and flatiron, but both are too extreme. I'm open to any and all suggestions, so if you have them, keep 'em coming! And, I'm going to go in and talk to my stylist when he's back to work and say "You always want good communication from clients, so you tell me: Are you confident enough cutting my hair curly to continue or can you make a recomendation for someone who can?" What do you think?

I'm feeling less desperate this morning, so thanks for the support!
Mostly 3b/some 3a using CHS Curl the moisture kit and loving it so far. Even the poo, and definitely the CK!

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