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I bought some products from them last week and I have not received any shipping info. I tried to e-mail them yesterday. So I tried to find a phone number... I couldn't find one. So I e-mailed them today and still have not gotten any reply. Has anyone else had this problem or am I over reacting because I got screwed by Inky over Christmas?

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Well I thought I would get the word out that I e-mailed this company for 3 days with no response. I finally decided that after a week with no shipping information or contact at all from this company, that I had better contact the BBB. I didn't want to have to go through the same mess with my bank when I had an Inky problem over Christmas. When I wrote my last e-mail to them I said that I really hoped it was all a misunderstanding and that it would be resolved. Well finally that got their attention LOL. He flew off that handle in an e-mail back to me and basically told me to stick it.

To me it seems awful lot like my dealings with Inky Loves Nature, no response without a threat. That's not a company to do business with, and that's not costumer service. Just save yourself the headache and don't buy anything from these people.

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That is just so awful, I am sorry that you went through all this. I am glad that you contacted the BBB, that is just wrong and they should be blacklisted!

I hope that you are able to resolve the issue and not have it turn into another headache!

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