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violets 10-04-2005 01:02 PM

NoPoo versus conditioner washing
I am taking a poll about conditioner washing versus no poo.
Please pick if you think it the same thing as a co wash, a better product, worse product.
Keep in mind that I am comparing NoPoo to other conditioners and NOT to Low Poo or HCC that have other cleansers.

violets 10-04-2005 01:05 PM

I think NoPoo is better than a co wash. I can't get good results with a conditioner. My hair looks dirty and my scalp never gets clean. I have much better results with NoPoo. My hair gets what Lorraine calls " wet seaweed feeling" and my scalp is clean.

JerseyCurl 10-04-2005 02:14 PM

Lately, I have been having alot of luck CO Washing with VO5 Strawberries and Cream. It seems easier to spread and scrub with. It is super cheap as well. I have been using it as my CO Wash and Condish until I decide which product to try from CurlMart. :D

laurabeth33 10-04-2005 07:08 PM

I was wondering this myself today.

Is NoPoo any different from any ole conditioner with a pepperminty extract? It felt very similar to my Suave coconut conditioner that I use for conditioning. It has similar slip and detangling. It's a little different in that it has cleansing oils (peppermint and grapeseed) compared to a regular conditioner, and I almost felt like I didn't need to condition afterward.

jabby 10-04-2005 08:05 PM

I went with no-poo being better than just CO washing. I wash with conditioner about every second or third day, and that's all I need, generally. But sometimes my scalp gets a little icky and needs something more than CO, and I use no-poo. It does the trick every time....gets rid of any build-up, makes my scalp feel fresh and great, and it helps that I love minty scents. So I use a lot more conditioner than no-poo and save that for heavier duty washing.

petitfox 10-05-2005 01:09 AM

I love no poo. I was wondering about this question myself, because I didn't know if I would spend again to rebuy. I think I will, cause CO washing with Suave coconut is ok but doesn't compare, because no poo really cleans my scalp.
Like Jabby, I use it for heavy duty, and CO wash with Suave coconut the rest of the time.

curlychelle 10-05-2005 01:21 AM

I chose "no poo is better", but I use both. A regular CO wash with Suave is great, but about once a week I need to use No Poo. It definately gets my scalp cleaner and makes my hair really soft. But I think it's almost too heavy for me to use every time I "wash".

spiderlashes5000 10-05-2005 11:56 AM

Used too often either one will cause me to be overconditioned. But I LOVE the No Poo scent!!!

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