itchy scalp

oh, yeah, I wanted to add that when I go a long time shampooing, I also get an itchy scalp. I feel so much better after I shampoo. In fact, I clarify once every three weeks, but will use a milder sulfate shampoo (with SLES, not SLS) once a week (sometimes twice when I use cones...which is lately).
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I honestly think you need to clarify with a clarifying shampoo, since you're talking about being able to scrape stuff off your scalp. It's a buid up of dead skin cells and whatever products you put in your hair. Shampooing once every week or once every two weeks even isn't a bad thing. Just like our other skin, our scalp needs to be cleaned every so often.
I'm not anti-shampoo. I do think people should regulate how much sulfates they put into their hair, as too much can be drying to the hair and can irritate the scalp. But sulfate shampooing once every week or two is needed, in my opinion, to really get scalp clean. Then rest of the time you can CO wash or use a sulfate-free shampoo.
That's my two cents.
Originally Posted by Boomygrrl

Those are helpful pointers. I don't think I can go without shampooing. I'm just wondering if my shampoo is the right kind for me, or if I should try something else? Currently I'm using Back to Basics Coconut Mango moisturizing shampoo which I have no complains about except the itchy scalp.
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Isn't it sticky? I don't know about sugar and conditioner. That seems strange...I guess I could try it. I might just be adjusting to not shampooing everyday. What are good shampoos w/out sulfates? Maybe that's what's making me itch. I noticed I have a lot of products with sulfates in them and have tried to not use them to see if it's the cause for the itchiness or not.
Originally Posted by notegal
You think it would be, but not at all. It's nice for exfoliating your scalp.

As for non-sulfate shampoos, more and more are coming out. Jason Cosmetics has a good article on trying to get rid of sulfates in their shampoos; they're generally carried in health food stores. And keep in mind that if you've been using shampoos with sulfates for basically your entire life, it makes sense there might be a transition period once you decide to stop.

Good luck!

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